In the winter, it is moisturizing, why does the skin still dry to peeling?

2022-09-19 06:02

What should I do if my forehead, nose tip, chin, and partial peeling?

Magician.: Forehead is easy to dry and peel, other places are fine

Jia Jia Jia: There is skin on both sides of the nose, but the area around the nose is very oily

Ao Yu: The chin tends to peel, and the mask is not easy to use. You have to rub the breast several times a day.

The skin of the chin, nose, and forehead secretes relatively strong oil, which makes many people think that these parts are relatively high tolerable and neglected to maintain. In addition, excessive exfoliation and squeezing have caused local skin damage, which appears to be oily and oily. Dry and easy to peel. If you have acne while peeling, it is caused by barrier damage + folliculitis.

First, stop using skin care products containing irritating ingredients, including high-concentration whitening essences, scrub products, etc. Perform a gentle partial exfoliation once a week, and then use an essence containing high-penetrating hyaluronic acid and barrier repair ingredients, and then use a high-moisturizing cream to care for the skin.

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Blush as soon as the wind blows, red and hot in a warm room

Cheryl Mo: It doesn't peel off, but it will be red. When the wind blows, there will be red blood streaks. You can only wear a mask to go out.

Valerie: Every winter, I feel desperate. When I get to the air-conditioned room, the plateau is red, like an allergy.

Karen: In winter, the skin becomes red and hot, and red blood streaks are also very serious.

Zhang Yanqin: In Guangzhou, the face will become red, hot, and red in winter.

Facial redness and red blood streaks are caused by the proliferation and expansion of capillaries due to external stimuli, and they will generally return to normal on their own. If “high altitude red” appears frequently and lastingly, it may be caused by improper care that thins the stratum corneum and impaired the barrier, causing sensitivity and inflammation.

At this time, in addition to paying attention to moisturizing and avoiding excessive external stimulation, it is also necessary to strengthen the soothing and repair of skin keratin. When the skin is red and hot, you can use moisturizing and soothing spray to calm and soothe it in time. Usually, you can choose products containing repairing ingredients such as squalane and ceramide to improve skin tolerance and resistance, and help your skin survive the winter safely.

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T-zone oily cheeks are dry, it is difficult to maintain

KRIS_vivi: Especially in the T zone, I still get skinny when I get oily.

A small hairy peach: T zone only wipes water and milk, wipes cream and oil, cheeks keep bursting when winter enters, desperate orz

Weird one: the skin is dry and oily in winter, and it will peel off after applying lotion many times, but the cream feels too oily and heavy, and it collapses.

It is really difficult for mixed skin to maintain skin in winter. Reduce the frequency of cleansing, use mild amino acid facial cleanser, and strengthen moisturizing is the focus of skin care for the whole face.

It is recommended to take care of the area. Use a light cream with moisturizing and water-retaining effect on the greasy T zone, and use a more nourishing cream on the dry cheeks. You can also use lotion and cream with beauty essence oil to apply to dry areas. Since vegetable oil has a similar structure to the natural sebum film, it can directly participate in the repair of the sebum film or make it more moisturizing and protective. At the same time, it can lock moisture, which is better than using moisturizer alone.

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Increased fine lines and pores due to dryness

Ren Xing: Dry until the law lines become more and more obvious

Prince Crisp: Although it will not peel off, it is particularly difficult to deal with the problem of large pores caused by obvious dryness, and new small fine lines will appear.

As you age, the activity of sebaceous glands decreases, which will change your skin from oily skin to dry skin. In addition to the cold weather, the function of the sebaceous membrane is weakened, blood circulation slows down, and the repair speed is slower than usual, which is more likely to cause dryness. Lines and wrinkles deepen.

At this time, on the one hand, you need to use high-efficiency moisturizing products to help increase the skin's moisture content and water retention, on the other hand, you must also do "anti-aging repair", and use repair products that improve cell activity and stimulate new life to help accelerate the rate of epidermal renewal , Stimulate collagen regeneration, increase the plumpness and elasticity of the skin, and relieve the "dry-age syndrome" in winter.

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Peeling, stuck powder after applying makeup

Cherry: The T zone is particularly oily, but the cheeks are particularly dry, and it feels rough to the touch and will cause peeling.

TellV: I didn't feel my face dry before applying foundation. It is still terrible to have a moisturizing mask before applying foundation.

Elsa.Zhang: What kind of foundation can be used

Li Xiaolaan: It was originally mixed with oily skin and long acne muscles, but in winter, I got pickup powder and applying moisturizing masks was useless.

The skin is dry and rough, of course the base makeup is not easy to follow, and dry lines can even cause powder sticking. The imbalance of water and oil on the skin and the damaged skin barrier make the skin unable to lock in moisture. It will also make you face dryness and peeling soon after applying makeup.

In addition to moisturizing and repairing sebum film, you can also try before applying makeup:

Applying a moisturizing lotion to a wet compress for 3 minutes can increase the water content of the stratum corneum, and make the skin surface plump and smooth, making it easy to apply makeup.

Facial massage with cosmetic oil or cream can speed up the microcirculation, increase the temperature of the face, and make the powder grip stronger.

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In winter, the whole body is dry and peeling

At that time, the only way was normal: the skin was severely peeled, and it became the same after an hour after applying the body milk.

Liu Lu: As soon as I put on the leggings, it's over...It's all dry and flying...Seek help.

In winter, cold wind, heating, and over-cold or over-heating temperature will destroy the sebum membrane. Except for the facial skin, the limbs, hands and feet suffer the most serious damage due to the lack of oil glands.

Do not overheat the bath water temperature in winter. Exfoliate once a week. People with particularly dry skin can mix massage oil and scrub. If you don't fully dry the water, you can use massage oil to massage the body first, and then dry with a towel before applying body cream.

The skin of the calf appears "snake pattern"

Think~: In addition to skin peeling on the face, the skin on the waist and calves is even dry to itchy, and the legs are "snakeskin".

Xie Damao: The skin of the legs is like cracked ground in winter, and the whole body is dry. Is there any way to supplement or take it internally?

Curly cuteness: The calf will appear like snakeskin patterns, and in severe cases, it will lose dander. Is this kind of internal adjustment?

Snakeskin patterns on the legs are mostly hereditary keratosis skin diseases. The symptoms are dry skin, rough like fish scales and peeling off dander, the outer side of the calf is more serious, and it will be relieved in summer. However, there is currently no clear cure plan in medicine.

The vitamin A content in the human body of this kind of skin will be low. It is recommended to supplement oral vitamin A in an appropriate amount at ordinary times, exfoliate once a week to promote skin metabolism, and use essential oils to massage the leg skin to activate and nourish the skin. Severe cases need to go to a dermatologist. In addition, it is recommended to choose natural materials such as cotton and wool for underwear to reduce the aggravation of dryness and peeling.

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