Integrate hair and muscle care technology to create a new topic of men's care

2022-03-04 19:26

Teacher Xiaoxin, a well-known skin care and maintenance expert, believes that "Grease is the most dangerous 'killer' for hair. The oil adsorbed on the scalp and hair tips will not only hide dirt and cause peculiar smell and embarrassment, but also may cause bacteria to breed and cause hair loss. Physiological The reason is that men's head oil problem is more obvious than women's, so it is more necessary to choose professional shampoo and hair care products designed for the characteristics of men's scalp, and adjust the scalp environment from the root. When the 'hair muscle' is strong, the 'hair' will be able to Men who are more stable and like refreshing texture can truly achieve the ease of "starting from scratch"."

"Dual-Vitamin" combined with active alkaloids for ultimate hair volume effect

Head & Shoulders Silk Source Resurrection integrates cutting-edge modern hair-raising technology, specially added Dual-Vitamin formula, rich in dual active vitamins B3 and B5, and also adds active alkaloids to stimulate cell vitality from the inside out. Promote hair muscle metabolism, improve microcirculation, make hair muscle cells full of energy, and achieve the ultimate hair plump effect. Using professional methods to measure the effect, the comparison results before and after the use of Head & Shoulders Silk Source Resurrection Men's Scalp Refreshing and Strong Root Series show that the hair can be increased by 7% in just one use; 43% more moisture can be locked in the scalp after 4 weeks of continuous use , the scalp cells are more full and full, so that the hair will say goodbye to thinning and flattening, and become strong and plump!

Mineral refreshing mint formula creates a new experience of men's exclusive scalp SPA

Head & Shoulders Silk Source Resurrection Men's Scalp Refreshing and Strengthening Root Series, Mineral Refreshing Mint Formula, can not only stimulate the vitality of scalp cells, but also achieve the effect of net and oil control from the root. The fresh mint and citrus scent after use is the best choice for elegant men's taste. . Combined with the original 1-minute massage method of Head & Shoulders Silk Source Resurrection, the massage process is like a scalp SPA, which can effectively soften the cuticle of the skin and expand the capillaries in the skin, thereby accelerating the metabolism of the scalp, soothing the tension of the scalp, and providing a healthy growth environment for the scalp and hair. .

Men can be tough, straightforward, and uninhibited, and they should pay more attention to the quality of life in subtleties. Head & Shoulders Silk Source Resurrection Men's Scalp Refreshing and Strong Root Series creates an exclusive scalp SPA for men, strengthens the scalp moisturizing barrier, injects moisturizing energy into the hair muscles, revitalizes the vitality of cells, and makes men's hair stronger and more outstanding!

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