Inventory of glamorous female agents on the glamorous Wisdom screen

2022-08-22 06:02

Angelina Jolie

Acting as Sauter in "Agent Sauter"

How could Angelina Jolie, who loves action movies, let go of the opportunity to play the heroic female agent on the screen? In the film, Julie plays an agent with a dual identity. The style is not glamorous, but there are many attempts. For example, it is amazing to reverse the male style.

Scarlett Johansson

Acting as Black Widow in "Iron Man" "Avengers"

Scarlett Johansson plays a super agent who was an orphan from an early age and was raised by the former Soviet Union government and later rebelled against the former Soviet Union. "Iron Man" is the first appearance of this glamorous agent, and in the next group of heroes "Avengers", Scarlett Johansson is even more popular.

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