Is it trendy or classic? They teach you to kill two birds with one stone!

2022-08-29 15:47

Introduction: In the fashion circle, whether to choose a classic style that is timeless and generous or a trendy style that is fashionable and eye-catching is a question that has been embarrassing for fashion lovers for decades. However, is there a high-powered operation that achieves two goals, a fish and a bear's paw? The answer is yes. Various fashion models with super high clothes have given their answers to this question, whether it is a simple dress or a modern British private suit, they can wear a trend and style. If you want to improve your clothes, please take a look at their routines.

British actor Lily James dressed in a custom Burberry dress and carried the Burberry DK88 series handbags to attend the Vogue Paris Foundation dinner held in Paris. The gorgeous long skirt is made of metal texture fabric, decorated with handmade beads and sequins, noble and elegant. Zhou Dongyu wears a Burberry cotton neckband shirt and A-line patchwork pocket denim skirt, taken at Shanghai Airport. Casual collocation looks sweet and lively. Dongyu Zhou wears a Burberry lightweight flight jacket with a DK88 series mini handle handbag, taken at Chengdu Airport. The lightweight, casual-fit flight jacket with contrasting ribbed trims pays homage to the classic British military uniform, looking casual and handsome.

Chen Feiyu wore a Burberry lace intarsia decorated Brighton striped cotton T-shirt, and attended the movie "Secret Fruit" conference held in Wuhan. The classic black and white striped shirt is matched with the hollow lace intarsia on the breast pocket for a casual style. Wang Dalu wore a Burberry double-faced cashmere tooling jacket with a cut-out decorative cotton dinner shirt to attend the TV series "Ghost Blowing Lantern" conference held in Beijing. The silhouette-fit jacket is crisp and casual, demonstrating unruly temperament. Yang Yang wore a Burberry sanctions suit and attended the release conference of the film "Three Lives III Ten Miles of Peach Blossom" in Beijing. The white sanctions suit is exquisitely tailored and elegant.

Wearing a Burberry Trench trench coat, Jiang Shuying attended the launching ceremony of the "Smart Youth" series held at the residence of the British Ambassador to China. The classic black trench coat with a slim fit and the waistband style highlights his tall figure. British actress Lily James Lily James dressed in a Burberry custom gown to attend the premiere of the movie "The Thief of Cars". The beautiful blue lace dress sets off Lily's sweet and charming charm.

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