Is sunscreen enough in summer? You also need stylish and breathable sun protection clothing

2022-07-21 15:28

When it comes to sunscreen clothing, there are a lot of PVC items from major brands recently, among which there are many sunscreen clothing. Yi Yang Qianxi wears this small sunscreen cloak, which is breathable on all sides and also plays a role in sun protection.

Qiao Xin's sun protection clothing looks obedient, and the translucent material just makes a little decoration for the simple Tee inside.

Song Qian’s little star sunscreen is very trendy, how can the fisherman hat of the same color not be the focus of the airport?

Victoria Song, who loves sunscreen clothing very much, also likes sports style. This blue and yellow sunscreen clothing made her immediately reduce her age by 5 years.

Wang Junkai's long sun-protection suit protects against ultraviolet rays from head to legs.

Zhou Dongyu's sunscreen hoodie also looks very petite and cute, and this sport trend seems to be liked by more than one star~

----How to wear sunscreen clothing? ----

No.1 Long sun protection clothing

Long sun protection clothing is very popular now, and major brands have designed sun protection clothing, especially Logo styles.

Some sunscreen clothes are printed full of prints, which are very suitable for wearing in the spring when the ultraviolet rays are gradually increasing.

The long sun protection clothing is as thin as a cicada's wings and has good air permeability.

No.2 Mid-length sun protection clothing

Mid-length sun protection clothing is more suitable for open wear, which can block the ultraviolet rays on the arms, neck and chest.

You can also think carefully when matching, for example, the color of sunscreen clothing echoes a certain color on the body.

No.3 Short sun protection clothing

Short sun protection clothing is similar to a lighter jacket, which has both sun protection function and the function of modifying the proportion of the body.

Short sun protection clothing can also make you more sporty. Recently, some brands are very fond of sporty short sun protection clothing. And the most important thing is a good match.

-----How to wear sunscreen clothing? ----

No.1 Collection of dressing methods for long sunscreen clothing

Long sun protection clothing is very suitable for open wear, it is a killer for sun protection and street shooting.

Long thin sun protection clothing can also be tied with a belt in the middle, so that it looks like a skirt.

For the hoodie-style sun protection clothing, you can choose a slightly creamy color, which will look very cute to wear.

The white translucent sunscreen clothing can not only protect against the sun, but also can be used as a raincoat, with two birds with one stone.

Yarn-based sun protection clothing is very suitable for concave shapes, you can wear a contrasting Tee or sweater inside to show your collocation skills.

Long sun protection clothing can also be mixed and matched with skirts, especially if the skirts worn inside are more exposed, sun protection clothing can help you prevent light out.

Jump up and walk up and take pictures! Because the texture is very light, it is easy to take good-looking photos.

No.2 How to wear short and medium sunscreen clothing

It’s not a problem to wear a mid-size sun protection suit as a small coat, and it’s still beautiful~

Mid-length sun protection clothing, with black leggings inside, gives you the feel of the gym at once. Girls who want to do sports must choose this item.

Sun protection clothing can also show off your shoulders~ Does it look like an evening dress?

White sunscreen clothes paired with white Tee and jeans, is the effect very casual Chic?

Sun protection clothing can also be worn at night! Especially those with special designs or shiny elements, the evening dresses are also completely fine.

Ready to sunscreen + become fashionable? Hurry up and prepare a beautiful sunscreen for yourself!

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