It's 8012, a boy wearing a bracelet is a sissy?

2022-10-24 06:02

First of all, the word "mother" does not seem like a compliment to men or women. "Mother" places women in a disadvantaged position, and for men, it is too one-sided to comment on "mother" just from the appearance of some outfits, such as wearing a bracelet and ring. In ancient China, from the emperor to the commoners, everyone liked to use jewelry to show their status, and the blessing of jewelry was also indispensable in the coronation ceremony of European royal families. Men wearing jewelry is actually a symbol of power.

In modern times, jewelry is not only a status symbol for men, but also a part of life. In fact, it is a good thing for boys to wear jewelry to improve their taste, which shows that everyone pays more and more attention to their own image management and wants to show a better self. Today Miss J+ has compiled a wave of men's jewelry matching tips, hoping to provide you with some inspiration.

-getting Started-

First of all, the small size of the ring greatly reduces the difficulty of matching, and men who try to wear jewelry for the first time are not easy to make mistakes. And if it's a married man, a wedding ring can be a powerful tool for your fashion. Since most people wear their wedding rings every day, choosing a unique wedding ring can kill two birds with one stone.

Recommended jewelry:

Generally speaking, the style of wedding ring that everyone will choose is the plain circle, which is actually versatile enough. If you want to be more outrageous, you can choose some of this style is tough and neutral, or the color is black and white. Of course, if it is a paired ring, you must also remember your partner's opinion.

Although ordinary wedding rings are very versatile, they also have limitations. If you want to create a different style, you need other rings to help you. The signet ring, as a ring that has been around for a long time, is still very popular in today's life.

Recommended jewelry:

The early signet ring is the most convenient and important tool to prove identity and rights. It is widely used by those in power, dignitaries and wealthy businessmen. It will engrave initials, family crests and other identifying signs, so the signet ring generally has a larger ring surface. , so wearing it can highlight the masculine charm.

After mastering the matching method of small area, you can try advanced jewelry matching. If the bracelets and bracelets are well matched, the style can be changed from street to business, and different occasions can be changed at will.

Recommended jewelry:

The braided material is used as the main body of the bracelet to neutralize the too bright temperament of the jewelry. The metal embellishment on the facet enhances the texture of the bracelet. At the same time, the nautical-inspired design adds a lot of interest.

Bracelets are not exclusive to women, and most of them are too soft. If men want to wear bracelets or do embellishment and stacking, they can choose simple styles.

Recommended jewelry:

The bracelet full of industrial style greatly reduces the feminine temperament. The angular shape and metallic texture present a tough and handsome style. This clean and neat style can be done no matter what it is stacked on.

Chain-shaped bracelets are booming recently. Whether it’s street hip-hop or everyday leisure, a chain can all be digested. However, it is not recommended to wear it in formal occasions, it is a bit too casual.

Recommended jewelry:

Although the chain is good, don't be greedy for it. Big and thick gold chains often test the wearer's temperament too much. You may accidentally wear it as a nouveau riche, or make others mistakenly think that you are wearing a dog chain on your body, so the thickness and material of the chain are also crucial.

Nowadays, necklaces are no longer the exclusive jewelry wearing area for women, and many men also wear necklaces. However, compared to the wrist, the necklace hanging on the chest is more eye-catching, and the difficulty of matching begins to escalate.

Recommended jewelry:

If you want to look less delicate wearing a necklace, the shape and length of the necklace are the keys. Boys have thick necks, so the length of the chain should not be too short, otherwise it will be too restrictive. For necklace shapes, circular or geometric patterns are the first choice.

mash up

Men are accustomed to wearing a watch at hand. In fact, a watch is also one of the magic weapons to match. However, if you add a bracelet, the fashion index can be improved a lot. However, there are many watch styles, and not all watches are suitable for mixing and matching with bracelets. If it is a sports watch with a more complicated shape, it would be too cumbersome to stack a bracelet. So if you want to mix and match with the watch, the watch should be as simple as possible, and the bracelet can also choose some neat and simple styles.

The essence of mixing and matching is to create a sense of hierarchy. If it is a formal occasion, Miss J+ does not recommend wearing too much jewelry. However, in daily casual wear, long and short necklaces, or rings are stacked to create a bright spot for the overall look. The stacking of different styles and materials may have a collision effect of 1+1>2.

Nowadays, the popularity of cultures such as Xiaoxianrou shows that the society has become more diverse, and everyone is more tolerant and open. We can no longer treat some phenomena with our inherent thoughts, and we can no longer judge a person just because of his appearance. Maybe when you start to try something different, it can bring you a new experience.

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