It's time for Amway's 5 super popular whitening pills in Japan to come back!

2022-08-22 06:02

Regarding the word "whitening", Asian girls are extremely sensitive. After all, in the summer with strong ultraviolet rays, things like sunscreen are too lazy to apply. But whether it can come back in vain is a long and depends on the will of God.

Therefore, when the island country Meibaiwan made a comeback with lightning speed, it did bring a shortcut to many girls!

That's right, on the one hand, the girl who practiced herself shouted "Whitening Pills are really good, it works!" On the other hand, the girl who was eager to try asked "Which one is worth having?". OK, now that the weather has cooled down, it's time to talk about returning in vain! So, in this issue of [Beauty Ranking], I will take you to take a look at the 5 popular whitening pills that Japanese "white skin beauty" is eating! let's go!

Three views before the opening

In the stage of pure reverie of whitening pills, girls always expect to see magical effects by swallowing two whitening pills. Of course, if an oral product is so effective, then Hongxiu Chinese website also urges girls not to touch it, just like the magical whitening cream in Thailand.

To put it bluntly, whitening pills are not something that will turn white as soon as you eat them. Its main components are vitamins C, E, B2, and a small amount of L-cysteine ​​that inhibits the production of melanin. Whitening is the same as it is, that is, VC plays a major role. And from the survey results, after the girls took whitening pills for several months, their skin tone was basically maintained at about 2 degrees.

▲POLA whitening pills

POLA whitening pills are probably the most difficult whitening products to buy in the island country this summer. It is no exaggeration to say that POLA whitening pills are often out of stock in Japan because it is "one of the safest whitening products for internal use".

So why is this product so popular in word of mouth? The reason is very simple, that is, the main ingredients in POLA whitening pills are completely extracted from plants, which can directly inhibit the production of melanin and whiten the whole body. In addition, its yellowing and whitening speed is very fast, and it is also effective for girls who are born with dark skin, and there are almost no side effects. To talk about the disadvantage, it is that the whitening pills of this lady's brand are expensive.

▲Shiseido pure white whitening pills

Presumably at the price of a lady in POLA, Shiseido pure white whitening pills are much more accessible to the people. On the basis of the original addition of a large amount of VC, Shiseido Whitening Pills also added tranexamic acid. (ps: Tranexamic acid is a high-efficiency whitening ingredient, which can effectively inhibit the melanin enhancement factor group and completely cut off the occurrence of melanin caused by ultraviolet radiation. At the same time, it accelerates skin metabolism and evens skin tone. PPS: Because tranexamic acid can stop bleeding and coagulation effect, so girls should not take it during the aunt period).

As for the whitening effect, there are still some, the complexion will become whiter and brighter. But you need to correct your mentality, don't expect a qualitative leap in skin color, thank you.

▲Huanghantang whitening pills

Huanghantang whitening pills must be familiar to girls who have been concerned about whitening for 100 years. Because of the low price and high quality, it has become a product that girls from island countries often take orally. When it comes to the characteristics of this whitening pill, that is, the high content of VC. As we all know, taking too much VC will directly lead to yellow urine, so this has become a major disadvantage of Huanghantang Whitening Pills.

Huanghantang Whitening Pill has 3 products for different demands of beauty, namely freckle removal, whole body whitening and high-concentration VC. If you insist on taking it, the effect of whole body whitening will be more obvious than that of freckle removal, but interested girls can also choose according to their own situation.

▲White Rabbit Whitening Pills

As the best-selling whitening pill in Japan, the White Rabbit brand is also a well-known whitening product. From the ingredient list, in fact, the ingredients contained in whitening products are basically similar, and most of them will add an extra flavor or two as a highlight. This whitening pill also uses cysteine ​​and VC to produce 3 whitening effects in the body, brightening the skin and achieving the effect of whole body whitening.

However, in terms of the actual effect of taking it, the white rabbit whitening pills are not very magical in terms of the whole body whitening effect. Just starting from the brightening of the facial complexion, it still has a certain effect in improving dullness and yellowish complexion.

▲FANCL Brightening Element

Simply put, this is a lightening pill that is gentle at a lovely price. But it is also because of its mild nature that the effect is really slow and slow, which is why many girls even say that they have no effect after eating for 3 months. In addition to the regular VC and L-cysteine, FANCL Brightening Supplement also adds collagen, so the lightening effect is really good. However, you must be very patient when taking this whitening pill. Girls who can persevere are always at ease.

Thousands of words come together into one sentence, if you are willing to invest a lot of money in the whitening area, POLA whitening pills are definitely a good choice. But if you are a student party, it is also a good choice to try some cheap whitening pills. However, Hongxiu has to say that, after all, it is an oral product, and each person's actual situation is different. When choosing, you must start from yourself.

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