Wedding dress styles of different actresses

2022-08-15 13:44

1. Jun Ji Hyun

Long hair and fluffy shawls, wedding dress skirts are all over the sofa, sipping a drink, and not looking at the camera as much as you want, the whole picture is unique without losing its beauty.

2. Zhang Xinyi

In the sea of holy and beautiful white roses, wearing a crown, a happy smile from the inside, envious of others.

3. Tong Lei

The simple black background, shoulder-length curly hair, raised collarbone, tube top wedding dress, and a subtle but happy smile are all yearning.

4. White lily

Covered with green plant background, slanting off-shoulder beige wedding dress, showing forehead, happiness needs to be strengthened.

5. Qin Lan

Exquisite makeup, expensive jewelry, and being transformed into the Wizard of Oz is also very special.

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