Jeremy Scott will once again join hands with adidas Originals to start a new collaboration

2022-10-17 06:02

Source: NOWRE

When the joint collaboration is not as frequent as it is now, the collaboration series between fashion designer Jeremy Scott and adidas Originals almost dominates the entire sneaker field and even the trend industry. Shoes with Wings, cartoon dolls, and unbelievable clothing not only let the crowd collect Favored by the family, star icons such as Kanye West, ASAP Rocky, and Rihanna are all loyal fans of Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals. However, after 2015, the cooperation between the two parties ended, and a generation of memories has also come to an end.

However, adidas Originals officially brought good news, announcing that it will start a new cooperation with Jeremy Scott again, and the return series of the two parties will be fully announced this fall. Whether this return will continue the classics or launch a new design language is not yet known, we will wait and see.

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