Jin Dong is one of the most handsome men we have ever met

2022-10-17 06:01

I know that everyone has been swiped by "Langya Bang" recently. Wu Kai, Hu Ge, and even Xiao Wu Lei have become everyone's favorite. But the editor wants to tell you that my taste has changed from small fresh meat to mature middle-aged uncle, because I fell in love with a man named Jin Dong.

Well, these two are just preheating, because I can't understand this hairstyle, it reminds me of Meng Fang in "Youth Bao Qingtian" in minutes.

My most recent impression and love of Brother Jin Dong is because of "The Pretender", you know what it's like for a tall and straight boy to wear a uniform.

Looking at his acting skills is really intriguing, especially infectious, I feel that every frown is a feeling that people like.

You see this opponent's play is really full of CP.

Every time my eldest brother poses like this, it's hard for me to control it. I like people with bright eyes the most.

Of course, our eldest brother Jin Dong, as a senior veteran actor, who was once called "the oldest freshman in Chinese opera" by classmates Liu Ye Xiaogongju, has also acted in main dramas for many years. In fact, many of the dramas we watched before included him shadow.

He was so handsome when he acted in "Wenzhou Family"! That melancholy look can't wait to hold him directly in his arms, and I feel that people with great personality look good with instant noodles.

There is also a young boy with bangs in CCTV's New Year's drama "Crossing the Guandong".

Wearing glasses in "Battle of Changsha" is also a kind of bookishness.

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