Jin Xiaomei becomes fashion benchmark Nicole Richie signs model contract

2022-10-17 06:02

Nowadays, if you want to become a model, having a star father and mother would be of great help. Of course, another "star sister" would be great too. If you don’t believe me, ask the hot and popular “Golden Sister” Kendall in the fashion circle.・Kendall Jenner knows it. Recently, if you look at the catwalk or big-name fashion advertisements, you will see the son of Jude Law and the granddaughter of Vivienne Westwood, the granddaughter of "Queen Dowager West", Clint Iss The son of Clint Eastwood, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, and the son of Pierce Brosnan, the "most handsome 007"... "Star II" is simply countless.

Now, one more person has to be added to this long list, and that is the younger sister of fashion socialite Nicole Richie, 16-year-old Sofia Richie, who recently reported that she Just signed the famous model agency Select Model Management. Even setting aside the identity of being the daughter of the veteran American singer Lionel Richie and the goddaughter of the eternal legend Michael Jackson, it is clear that Sophia has all the potential to become the next Kendall, and she and Kendall are still best friends. Oh.

First of all, Sophia has a model-like face and light blonde hair, Angelina Jolie's plump lips and a tall figure suitable for walking on the runway. In addition, she has two essential elements that are almost necessary to become a successful model: she is good at taking beautiful photos and has many fans on Instagram - she has 480,000 fans at her young age.

However, the glamorous Sophia is not just another celebrity "model", she has already appeared in the "fashion bible", "Vogue" magazine's girly version of "Teen Vogue" (when she was 14 years old) and avant-garde fashion magazine "Nylon" 》, and shot an advertisement for the swimwear brand Mary Grace Swim. She also participated in the reality show Candidly Nicole of her sister Nicole Richie, and appeared in the music video of Lindsay Lohan's gay couple and famous DJ Samantha Ronson (Samantha Ronson) Over supporting roles. Oh, she is also as famous as her sister Nicole who can wear clothes, so people want to dress like her. If you are interested, you can check it out on her Instagram page.

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