Kiehl's New Pure Fragrance Body Care Collection

2022-05-25 15:58

"Our goal with this collection is to meet the care needs of different customers. Fragrance is carefully formulated according to the Kiehl's way. But as a skin care company, we are not satisfied with simply producing fragrances. Providing customers with the beauty results they desire and the efficiency their skin needs Formulation is very important to us. With the complete fragrance portfolio: fragrance, body wash and body lotion, our customers can enjoy a 24-hour continuous skincare and sensory experience." - Ms. Vitali, Global Brand Director, Kiehl's

1. Fragrance combination of pear and pomelo, keyword: pure

Pear and Pomelo Body Fragrance Series includes: Kiehl's Pear Pomelo Fragrance (100mL/ 450 RMB), Kiehl's Pear Pomelo Body Lotion (250mL/ 240 RMB), Kiehl's Pear Pomelo Shower Gel (250mL) / 180 yuan)

• Pear and Pomelo fragrance is the only typical oriental fragrance in the Pure Fragrance Body Care range. The perfumer who created this fragrance traveled in Japan in early spring and visited the historical site, the Kyoto Garden. There, the delicate and pure pear blossom petals inspired his creations, resulting in a balanced, "Zen"-inspired scent of Kyoto pear blossom and pink pomelo that conveys the colorful landscape of a garden.

2. Combination of fig and sage fragrance, keyword: rich

Fig & Sage Body Fragrance Collection includes: Kiehl's Fig & Sage Perfume (100mL/ 450RMB), Kiehl's Fig & Sage Body Lotion (250mL/ 240RMB), Kiehl's Fig & Sage Bath Gel (250mL) / 180 yuan)

• Provence Fig and Sage fragrance exudes a romantic Mediterranean aroma, the perfumer tries to restore his childhood memories of living in the south of France. The scorching summer sun is streaming from the clouds, but under the leafy fig tree in the backyard, there is only a shade . Take a nap on the wooden deck chair and enjoy the unique tranquility in the fragrant breeze.

3. Combination of vanilla and cedar fragrance, keyword: slightly drunk

The vanilla and cedar body fragrance series includes: Kiehl's Vanilla Cedar Parfum (100mL/ 450 yuan), Kiehl's Vanilla Cedar Lotion (250mL/ 240 yuan), Kiehl's Vanilla Cedar Shower Gel (250mL/ 180 yuan)

• Ugandan Vanilla and Cedarwood is aptly described as "original luxury". The smoky, sweet and silky scent of Ugandan Vanilla is unique and rare, as opposed to common commercial vanilla extracts that are sweet and floral. To create this rich, layered fragrance, the Kiehl's Fragrance team used fair-trade operations to formulate a unique blend of Ugandan vanilla, complemented by cedar woody notes, adding warmth and depth.

Fourth, the combination of orange blossom and lychee fragrance, keyword: sweet

Orange Blossom and Lychee Body Fragrance Series includes: Kiehl's Lychee Orange Blossom Perfume (100mL/ 450 RMB), Kiehl's Lychee Orange Blossom Body Lotion (250mL/ 240 RMB), Kiehl's Lychee & Orange Blossom Bath Gel (250mL/ 180 RMB)

•The aroma of Moroccan petitgrain and lychee expresses the sweetness of flowers and fruits vividly. It restores Morocco like a magnificent picture, which makes people linger. Floral gardens, colorful landscapes, lush green trees, delicious food, bustling markets, fragrant leather, ingenious weavers, and Moroccan streets in early spring can be seen Bitter orange blossom scent everywhere. 

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