Know the new trend of hair care before you want to dye the hair with mist color

2022-05-10 14:58

Say goodbye to the LOB hair style, this summer, the natural fluffy hairstyle with 'fairy hair color' and 'wave bob' is more popular, no matter which hair color is starry galaxy purple, misty forest green or desert sunset red, all need Bleach and then dye to create a dreamy hue. But also because of this process, the hair only looks bright and shiny on the first day after dyeing, and slowly you will find that the hair becomes rough and split.

In order to save frizzy hair, you absolutely must know. The process of strengthening the hair structure, in the process of bleaching, dyeing, and perming, can restore the strength and structure of the hair, making the curling out of the perm more fluffy, and the dyed color is more saturated and shiny.

Products with added moisturizing ingredients help the hair to form a natural waterproof film, which can prevent the evaporation of water, lock the hair lipids and make the hair soft and moisturizing. key is re-established.

Strengthen hair care at home twice a week, make the repair effect after dyeing and perm more durable and maintain the health of the chain structure, resist external damage such as hot wind, sun exposure, air pollution, etc., so that the hair can maintain elasticity and elasticity. luster.

Editor's recommendation: Furterer five sence multi-effect care oil

Price: 100ml/RMB 368

Recommended reason: 5 SENS five-layer multi-effect care oil not only sublimates the beauty of hair and skin, but its charming fragrance also brings you a pleasant multi-sensory luxury.

Editor's recommendation: L'Oreal Paris Conditioning Oil 

Price: 100ml/RMB108

Recommended reason: Contains French rose essential oil, which is nourishing, instantly soft and satin-like, and lingers on the delicate rose fragrance for a long time. Improve the gloss of hair, deeply nourish, drive away dryness, make hair smooth, brush to the end, and the texture is not oily or sticky.

Editor's recommendation: Ultra Doux Original Honey Repairing and Strengthening Conditioner Essential Oil

Price: 150ml/RMB79

Recommended reason: Royal jelly contains high concentrations of amino acids and proteins, which repair hair from the inside out. Honey is rich in glycogen, deeply nourishing, light and non-sticky, and propolis, a natural resin built into honeycombs, helps protect hair. It has the effect of stronger hair and a healthy glow.

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