Lancome's Nouvelle Vague Crossover Collaboration Perfectly Presents a Luxury Limited Cosmetic Bag

2022-04-28 16:05

Lancome Lancome Nouvelle Vague cross-border cooperation project brings together three pioneering French fashion designers: Yiqing Yin, Alexandre Vauthier and Simon Porte Jacquemus, invite them to freely use their imagination and creativity to design a customized luxury clutch bag, come Storage Lancome Lancome three classic products: Lancome Lancome Gold Pure Rose Lipstick, Lancome Lancome Dream Superstar Bright Mascara and Lancome Lancome Dream Eyeshadow Palette. The only design element that must be present is the iconic brand's signature since 1935 - the extraordinary, beautiful and tough Lancome rose.

In May 2014, these three unique Parisian designers perfectly presented the three ultra-luxury limited-order cosmetic bags they created for Lancome: the irregular-shaped clutch bag, which is as bright as a meteor. Metallic rectangular chain clutch, and baby pink round water-resistant clutch.

The ethereal and rigorous creator Yiqing Yin

Key words of works: mineral feeling, tough style, fashionable delicacies

A dreamy dialogue between strength and weakness

Retail price: 1000 euros

Yiqing Yin's designs for Lancome follow her usual style of "subverting things". She took inspiration from a retro bag and chose the shape of a four-cornered candy, which reminded her of meteor-like shards - and finally she created a mineral that can perfectly accommodate three Lancom Lancome classics Irregular shape clutch bag for color cosmetics products.

The metal parts of this bag are handcrafted in a workshop using ancient French production techniques. The two metal rods are therefore given an unforged pure and pale golden luster, which perfectly outlines the outline of the bag. The longer metal rod with a telescopic chain can be used as a shoulder strap or can be subtly retracted as a carry handle. Yiqing believes that her creations are unique pieces between dazzling jewelry and urban armor. The diamond-engraved Lancome rose and the fine gold and silver brocade long-weft crepe wrap the tough structure of the handbag and soften the metal parts. The quasi-industrial feeling once again shows the dual design concept of the harmonious coexistence of softness and toughness.

Rock and sexy aficionado Alexandre Vauthier

Key words of works: glamour, elegance and chic, orderly

The seductive rock style and the sexy style with tension

Retail price: 1000 euros

Alexandre Vauthier is passionate about highly structured luxury, with a design philosophy of balance and perfect proportions. In fact, these elements are manifested in his exclusive cosmetic bag for Lancome, a slender rectangular bag with a metal buckle - a delicate metal rod engraved with Lancome roses... This evening bag continues his very classic design Style - that is, the feeling of a mix of rock and sexy, simple atmosphere with a French mysterious fascination.

The gold-tone metal chain can be worn on the shoulder or simply in the hand, which will make your glamour at a dinner party or party bloom. Sleek yet flexible, this luxurious bag perfectly matches Alexandre Vauthier's true style: stylish yet functional. It is a clutch bag that can be folded at will, and can be closed with a small golden key. Black silk satin and gold-tone metal frame the clutch with clean lines, and it opens to reveal a mini pouch and a black lambskin leather buckle for three Lancome classics. The gold metal keys are engraved with Alexandre Vauthier's name, the exclusive for Lancome lettering, and the classic Lancome Lancome rose logo.

witty visionary Simon Porte Jacquemus

Work keywords: spontaneous, innocent, witty

Extremely simple but fresh and natural, fresh and full of eyes and therefore very beautiful

Retail price: 350 euros

The result of Jacquemus is the pink sparkling high-tech waterproof clutch. An exaggerated zip wraps around the bag and can be tied around the waist or held in the hand. Gently pull the silver zipper engraved with Lancome rose and you will find a huge surprise! - The space of the bright blue lining can completely put down the Lancome Lancome star three-piece.

Overall, the line of the bag is very simple, but it is very flattering, because women can easily carry it; the pink design is very suitable for partying with small and fresh clothes. “I love duality. My work is dedicated to little girls who are not yet grown up, keeping their inner innocence and humor,” says Simon Porte Jacquemus.

The astonishing creations that these three talented designers have brought to Lancome, showcasing the joyful and abundant feminine beauty, exudes a strong and sublime temperament, which perfectly resonates with Lancome's brand values.

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