LANVIN floral fragrance takes you back to the age of innocence

2023-01-30 06:01

Recently, the LANVIN brand invited many fashion media to gather at The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing, to witness the launch of the new member of the Guang Yun family, Hua Yun fragrance. The layout of the event site makes people feel like walking in an atmosphere full of flowers and joy under the sun. The joyful picture subtly interprets the feeling of freshness and nature. This is a dazzling fragrance that exudes relaxation, joy and joy.

LANVIN Floral Eau de Parfum exudes an idyllic and captivating floral-fruity accord, combining a complex floral with intense fruity notes, reminiscent of the joyous feeling of a spring afternoon. The top note is juicy pear, colourful and fresh, full of the joy of returning to spring. The main note gradually reveals a variety of colors: the bright and fruity Ogura Orchid, the beautiful and feminine rose and the mellow Arabian jasmine. The base notes emphasise the alluring and sweet touch of white musk and creamy sandalwood, accentuating the seductive nature of the fragrance. The round floral perfume bottle is engraved with the iconic flower pattern. It is the pattern of daisy petals (the name of Ms. Jeanne Lanvin's beloved daughter, which means daisy in French), the top of the perfume bottle is decorated with a rose-colored diamond, and below are two white gold rings intertwined around the neck of the bottle, symbolizing the love between people.

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