Large side split temperament hairstyles are recommended for girls with square faces

2022-12-05 06:01

Style 1

This big side parted long straight hairstyle is very feminine. One side of the bangs is inserted behind the ear, and the other side is naturally scattered along the cheek. It has a left-right asymmetrical weight, which can make the square face more three-dimensional.

Style 2

Four or six sides with long bangs can make the lines of the forehead and chin appear softer, weaken the strong line of the square face, and at the same time, the hair tail is naturally curly, which is also a good fashion design.

Style 3

It is still the shape with a large side showing a full forehead, and the side with more bangs is close to the face, which has a good face-lifting effect, and the slightly fluffy shoulder-length curly hair brings out the breath of fashion and personality.

Style 4

This fluffy side-parted LOB hairstyle is also quite fashionable. The fluffy and slightly permed hair can well modify the face shape, soften the facial lines, and make the square face more soft.

Style 5

This is also a very popular LOB hairstyle these days. The bangs that are turned up at two or eight sides look very individual and three-dimensional. At the same time, it also has the effect of enhancing the longitudinal sense of the face shape and improving the shortcomings of the face shape.

Style 6

This irregular side hairstyle is very suitable for girls with square faces. The ends of the hair are naturally slightly permed in layers, which can also soften the facial lines and also have a little face-lifting effect.

Style 7

The side part of short hair is also very temperamental, but you should pay attention to the hair at the top position as fluffy as possible, so that you can visually lengthen the lines of the face, thereby weakening the rigid square face lines.

Style 8

The four or six-sided bob is a hairstyle that is very age-reducing and tender. Most girls who like short hair choose this hairstyle. At the same time, the hair tail with natural inner buckle can hide the rough facial lines of the square face.

Style 9

This egg roll perm that is close to the middle has a sense of laziness, and the high perm hair from the eye position has a sense of curvature, creating a visual effect of an oval face shape, and it is no longer an excellent square face line.

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