Makeup that makes cute and sexy

2023-02-10 17:40

Sometimes the makeup is to make yourself more sexy and beautiful, and sometimes the makeup is to make yourself more cute. In the perception of many girls, cuteness and sexiness cannot coexist, they are two opposites.

Step1: First use a light color to smear the base on a large area of the eye socket and blend it.

Step2: Apply orange eyeshadow on the double eyelid crease area, focusing on the end of the eye.

Step3: Use light pink pearlescent eyeshadow to brighten the inner corners of the eyes and blend with the orange eyeshadow in the second half.

Step4: Draw a brown upper eyeliner, the end of the eye is slightly elongated and raised.

Step5: After curling the eyelash curler, apply mascara.

Step6: After putting on the false eyelashes, apply mascara again to make the eyelashes thicker and longer, and brush slightly on the lower eyelashes.

Step7: Use a brown eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrows and fill the gaps between the eyebrows to create a shaped eyebrow

Step8: Apply rotten tomato color lipstick to add sexiness and charm.

The orange eyeshadow brings a bit of permissive love plus the sexy of red lips, so that the two styles are perfectly presented, hurry up and try it.

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