Let's find fault with 13 skin care mistakes in autumn and winter

2023-02-10 17:53

Take a look at the following 13 fall and winter skin care mistakes, how many do you account for?

Long hot bath

It's easy to shower in the morning for more than half an hour when it's cold outside, but after about 15 minutes, the body's water will slowly evaporate with the heat, so be sure to shorten your shower if you can.

Wrong cleaner

Because dry soap bubbles are more harmful to the skin than hot water, not only will they not get the moisture they deserve, but they will also lose more moisture. In dry autumn and winter, you should choose a body cleaning product that suits you according to your skin type.

Apply foundation directly

Applying foundation without foundation can dry out otherwise fine skin and cause more problems.

To keep your skin smooth, you need to exfoliate regularly, follow up with a moisturizing cream, and choose a light base or primer before foundation, it will make your foundation look more natural and long-lasting.

Wrong lip balm

It is not new that lips are prone to chapped in winter, but not all lip balms can be effectively repaired. The most important thing is to choose a product that is highly moisturizing, wax-free and easily absorbed. If you have eczema or skin allergies, avoid products that contain lanolin and are overly scented, the simplest is the most effective.

Autumn and winter without sun protection

Sun protection cannot be stopped all year round. The melanin left on the skin in summer must be better faded and repaired in autumn and winter. Even if you only go out for a short time, you should apply sunscreen with moisturizing effect and at least SPF30 for protection.

Neglected hands

In winter, if you forget to wear gloves, your fingers will grow barbs and your nails will break easily. Since antibacterial soap will make your hands drier, it is better to use a mild hand sanitizer, rinse with warm water, and finally apply a hand cream to fully protect your hands. In addition, regular application of finger edge oil is also a good moisturizing method.

Inappropriate eyeshadow color

The weather may be frosty, but your eyelids should be slightly tinted. This time of year, dull eyeshadows can leave the eyes dull, and bronzed shades are a better choice for fall and winter.

Lack of foot care

If you neglect your feet in the fall and winter, they will be harder to take care of in the spring. Try a weekly foot care, soak your feet in soapy water for 15 minutes, then use an exfoliating ointment to help soften dead skin, then use petroleum jelly to further repair the skin on your feet, and finally put on cotton socks and you can sleep in the beauty .

Excessive use of bronzer

We've grown to love tanning products for a wheatish complexion, but over-tanning can make your complexion look unnatural, so be careful with your summer bronzer, try a foundation one or two shades darker than your skin tone Wouldn’t it be more pleasing to use pink or rose red to create a healthy apple machine with proper contouring?

The wrong way to wear a hat

Maybe you often put on a hat to fix the desired hairstyle when your hair is still dry, but you don't know it can dry out your hair.

Use non-waterproof cosmetics

Waterproof makeup may seem like a summer treat, but when it's cold outside and the wind blows, non-waterproof eye makeup can be a big disappointment, and it's a lot easier to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner instead. If you're worried about your blush and lipstick getting on your coats and scarves, pack them up before heading out and you'll be ready to touch up your makeup.

Bad hair color

Don't continue to choose summer hair colors that are too light, it will lose texture, warm chestnut color, dark chocolate color, or dark brown that highlights the temperament will make you look good.

Dull dull lips

It is not only dark lipsticks that are the lip color of autumn and winter. In other words, using lipsticks in bright shades of spring in dull autumn and winter will bring unexpected changes.

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