Li Yuchun shows the vertical stripes and puts on this pattern to say goodbye to the bitch

2022-08-29 06:02

Li Xiaoran wore a Trussardi striped suit with a white handbag and stepped on color matching pointed shoes. Only this toothpick suit can have such a sharp effect. It is not difficult to wear it well, it is black. White, it’s right to choose the same solid color~

Even Chanel dare not rewrite the tone of the toothpick pattern. The jagged shoulder design is the limit. Chunchun wears gold and black color matching shoes, which is eye-catching~

Of course, the toothpick pattern can also maximize the advantages of those long legs, make fat people look thinner, and make thin people look flatter, not a personal attack. If you want to wear this suit, it’s not a flat-chested girl and the upper body is really ugly, who wants Make a crease on the smooth paper~

The American blogger Gala Farragni also had a heart for toothpicks. Many designers have launched their own branded "patient gowns". Just like this one on Gala, everyone can feel the "snake disease". The aura of the street~

Amina Muaddi, who adheres to the three-color principle, relies on the crocodile pattern handbags to increase luxury without overwhelming the guests.

Jenny Salinas uses a checkered shirt to add vitality to herself. With sneakers, you can also feel the playfulness of the toothpick pattern~

Many trendy people still prefer to use a toothpick pattern to create their own look, such as Rebecca, the little girl can't hold the whole body.

Toothpick pattern single product recommendation:

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