"Lin Li Da Da" will be in the Olympic Games again, please give me another dozen Lin Dan

2022-10-10 06:02

At the Rio Olympics this year, we not only saw N pairs of brothers fighting side by side, but also saw the most affectionate opponents in the sports world, namely Lin Dan and Li Zongwei. This pair of top badminton athletes has 37 duels in 12 years. On the night of August 19th, the men's singles semifinals of the Rio Olympics badminton was the 37th encounter between the two. In such a pair of "great opponents" who have been with each other for 12 years, winning or losing is no longer so important. The spirit of competitive sports between them has surpassed everything.

Although he is a veteran of badminton and has been plagued by various injuries, Lin Dan's record in the Rio Olympics is equally impressive. In the final round of the badminton men's singles group stage, the defending champion Lin Dan played against Vietnamese player Nguyen Jinming and won the game easily 2-0. In the game, he demonstrated the magical skill of "changing racquets and winning continuously" in the game. Super Dan advanced to the top of the group with a record of three wins. The 33-year-old veteran still maintains such a peak state, and there seems to be nothing else to do except for offering his knees in seconds. As a "super Dan", Lin Dan is not only the overlord of the sports world, but also the darling of the fashion circle. His "tough guy fashion" is highly sought after.

It is really not an exaggeration to say that Lin Dan is the most comfortable man in sports. A pair of long legs + perfect muscle lines make Lin Dan become a standard super-sportsman who "looks thin in clothes and has flesh when undressed". The natural bronze complexion that Lin Dan has harvested through sports all the year round also gives him a lot of points.

Even the hottest pajamas trend in the fashion circle, Lin Dan can easily control it. Such fashion skills are not something you can learn if you want to. The aura is really critical. The unique printed pajamas matched with Lin Dan's domineering eyes, the sexy charm is unstoppable.

The difference with the badminton dominance is that Lin Dan is still the cover master. In recent years, with the good figure of the perfect hanger and the unique domineering style, Lin Dan has been on the cover of the N magazine and has become a leader in sports fashion.

In addition to being able to control all kinds of male collocations, Lin Dan, who took pictures of underwear, really feels sexually flying. Every muscle line is perfect. And Lin Dan's fashionable charm in the blockbuster is not inferior to the supermodel. Such a stylish and domineering Lin Dan, please give me a dozen!

The difference from the meat husbands is that Lin Dan already has a master. Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang, the sports couple, even the wedding photos are full of blockbusters that are both visually impressive and really admirable. In addition to looking forward to Lin Dan's more handsome looks, we still look forward to the overlord being able to be evergreen in the badminton and continue to write brilliant!

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