Liu Tao Wang Ziwen IU's tomboy head is so trendy, I can't control it

2022-12-26 06:01

Last year's short hair trend made many people cut their long hair short for more than ten years. Originally, the fashion trend said that this year is the return of long hair, but a trend of tomboy student heads has quietly arrived. What is a tomboy head, you ask me? Hee hee, do you remember the hairstyle when you were forced to cut your hair short in military training? This hairstyle has become the most in trend nowadays, and I am enough, but what's the matter with the more you look better?

Suzy looked like this on the red carpet at the Baeksang Arts Awards, effortlessly beautiful:
Some people say that this hairstyle is too casual on the red carpet. In fact, this hairstyle just neutralizes the grand feeling of the royal blue, making Suzy very soft and cute.
The only downside may be that the hair piece on the back of the head is a little shriveled. These days, it all depends on the appearance. If you have this hairstyle, remember to bulge the back of your head a little!

Since IU cut her short hair last year, she looks more distinctive and fashionable than her long hair:

The change of length is also a sign that she is moving towards light familiarity. From a doll that everyone loves to a fashionable and energetic icon, every time you flip your hair, you are teasing!

And recently IU's newly cut bangs also reduced her age by 10 years at the age of 25. If you don't believe me, see:

The texture of this cute hairstyle is very important. If it is a thorn chestnut, you are not a little princess but a firewood girl!
Two of the five beauties in the popular "Ode to Joy" have left tomboy heads! First up is Andy sauce:
Her hairstyle has more details than the previous artists, and the curvature and direction of her hair have been processed. On the Spring Festival Gala, it is a partial and backward comb, neat and capable.
Qu Leprechaun's short hair is more like a tomboy head than Andy. The dog gnaws at the bangs with textured hair. Those who love it are true love, and there are many who think it is ugly!
Nazha, who was frequently searched for a while ago, also suffered from tomboy hair for a while. Her hairstyle is the shortest in the star delegation, and it takes a stylist with excellent skills to create this effect.
But don't be disheartened, I have prepared 3 types of tutorials for you with short hair and those who are about to have short hair, so hurry up and write them down!

1/ IU style short hair

Start by blowing out the roots with a blow dryer:

Then curl the ends inward with a curling iron:
Finally, use a curling iron to roll it out to the outside:

2/ Mizuhara Kiko's favorite pear head

Use the splint to straighten the hair downwards, grab the hair piece with your hands at the root of the hair, and use the splint to pull down the hair, so that the curl will be larger than if it is curled directly inward.
Backcomb for more volume at the roots.
Then style it with whatever hairpin you like.
3/ Liu Shishi retro bobo head
First use a splint to curl the ends of the hair inward.
Then use the cold air of the hair dryer to blow out the arc in the middle of the hair.
It is recommended to use:
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Philips Automatic Hair Curler HPS940

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TSUYAPRO xkumichy Triple Tube Curling Iron

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