Liu Zhiyuan's 11G service may become the future development trend

2022-12-26 06:02

Liu Zhiyuan, national senior makeup artist, well-known makeup artist, Chongqing top ten makeup artist, founder of Chongqing Zhiyuan Personal Image Design Studio. In 2009, he began to work in makeup, and he continued to innovate with the concept of "discovering beauty, creating beauty, and sharing beauty in life. Beauty is not precious, but fitting".

Recently, the media reported that well-known makeup artist Liu Zhiyuan has set off a wave of office workers learning makeup skills in Chongqing. Many office workers have signed up to learn professional makeup, saying that "learning skills in spare time earns a little extra money". After several entrepreneurial failures, he founded Zhiyuan Studio in 2014, focusing on one-to-one makeup services, which is well received by makeup members. He said that 2015 was an extraordinary year for him. If it was good, it was called wonderful; if it was bad, it was called experience. Then his ups and downs in 2015 will usher in the New Year's gift in 2016. On January 6th, the beauty service of Liu Zhiyuan Studio will be fully upgraded. The 11G (Chinese: 11) membership service will be officially launched, and the new service will be more user-friendly and stricter.

According to Liu Zhiyuan, when 11G was promoting the pictures in the early stage, 11G made his friends, colleagues and friends in Chongqing hosting circles talk about it, asking what exactly 11G is? "Does 11G mean 11 gays?"

Eleven is of great significance to Liu Zhiyuan, with intentions and emotions. why? Because the first "November" is his birth month in November, the second "November" is November when he gave up his undergraduate degree from Chongqing University to study makeup in Shenzhen in 2008, and the third "November" is the service concept : Perfect, wholeheartedly for you.

11G is a combination of the number 11 and the English letter G, which is very interesting. 11 is very good. In addition to the meaning of Good, the G in 11G also represents the categories of service groups, Gentleman (men), Girls (girls, girlfriends) and Gay (comrades).

According to Liu Zhiyuan, he found that when makeup members were learning makeup, they were a little lazy and did not finish their homework on time. This service improvement is also considered for the learning status of members when they usually study makeup. After the service is improved, it will be more stringent, which is mainly reflected in the member learning reward system. First, when a member learns personal makeup, the shorter the learning time, the more favorable the learning fee; second, when a member learns professional makeup, the member completes the makeup homework on time, and the corresponding learning fee can be refunded according to the amount of homework completed by the member upon graduation. From the service improvement of Zhiyuan Studio this time, it can be seen that Teacher Zhiyuan has a sense of professionalism for members, which not only promotes the enthusiasm of members when learning makeup, but also makes members feel very beneficial.

After going through the 2015 "Pinzhi comes from life, and meeting the most beautiful self", we welcome the 2016 "perfect, wholeheartedly for you." Liu Zhiyuan said that the service improvement is not only for the members, but also to pave the way for the future development of the studio. He also said that when he opened the studio in October 2014, he wanted to launch the membership service directly. After careful consideration, Liu Zhiyuan finally decided to postpone it to 2016 to find the shortcomings of the new model from the most traditional model. Fill it up and do the right thing at the right time.

For the editor, the learning service in the eleven member service of Zhiyuan Studio is indeed rare in the market, and it may become a trend of future development, which can effectively shorten the learning time and effectively improve the learning quality.

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