L'Occitane Gold Neck Cream is new for 4 weeks to reduce neck lines by 20% and tighten your neck line

2022-06-23 09:36

The interaction between urban dwellers and electronic consumer goods takes up more and more time. Coupled with the busy life of staying up late and sleeping, many people’s neck skin begins to suffer from dull complexion, sagging and dry lines and other problems. It is especially evident in people. L'Occitane, a natural plant brand originating from Provence, South France, as an expert in focusing on zoned care, has launched a new L'Occitane Shea Butter Neck Essence Cream. The exclusive anti-aging ingredient - high-energy plant A-alcohol derived from golden lavender, and L'Occitane's ace nourishing factor - shea butter, the double blessing of two natural ingredients, help achieve multi-dimensional anti-aging and strong moisturizing, and firm your skin. neck line.

The smooth and clear contour line between the chin and shoulders and neck is the "neck boundary" that locks the youth of the neck skin. In addition to timely improvement after neck skin problems, it is also important to prevent and delay the occurrence of neck lines. L'Occitane specializes in researching natural anti-aging ingredients. The highly active and high-energy plant alcohol is obtained from the lily chrysanthemum, which is known as the "golden flower." After double distillation and extraction, it is more pure and can effectively promote the regeneration of collagen. In fact, compared with ordinary A-alcohol, high-energy plant A-alcohol is gentler and skin-friendly, and it is not afraid of photosensitivity. It can be used in the morning and evening.

In addition, L'Occitane's iconic plant ingredient Shea Butter contains Omega-6, which makes the neck skin anti-aging while nourishing and moisturizing, repairing the skin barrier. This time, the golden neck cream uses the combination of high-energy plant extracts of lavender and shea butter to achieve the effect of "lightening, moisturizing, and moisturizing", and solve the skin problems that everyone is very concerned about in the field of neck anti-aging. M&L laboratory data also shows that after four weeks of continuous use of L'Occitane Gold Neck Cream, neck lines can be reduced by 20%.

The L'Occitane lavender anti-aging series has always adhered to the anti-aging effect brought by natural lavender, thus bringing a light-textured repair, firming and elastic use experience, and rejuvenating the skin's youthful state. In the L'Occitane anti-aging series, in addition to the widely loved Big Golden Pot Cream, this year L'Occitane has successively launched a combination of Golden Hand Cream and Golden Neck Cream to care for the skin of the face, neck, and hands intimately and comprehensively. Delicate zoned care.

It is specially developed for neck skin and contains dual ace ingredients of lavender and shea butter to achieve multi-dimensional anti-aging and strong moisturizing.

-Star anti-aging ingredient high-energy phytosterol A, for the loss of dermal collagen;

-L'Occitane's iconic ingredient "Shea Butter" is rich in Omega6, which has the effect of deep nourishment, instant absorption, and long-lasting moisture retention;

-Double peptides promote collagen regeneration, multi-dimensional anti-wrinkling, lifting and firming;

-Lightweight lotion texture that absorbs without burden.

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