Locomotive leather jackets are thinner

2022-09-26 06:02

Demonstration of leather ninth pants matching

Model star: Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus)

Hollywood sweetheart Miley chooses a combination of cropped trousers, pointed flat shoes, and leather clothes. The combination of these three styles is very suitable for petite women. As you wear cropped trousers, you can slightly expose your ankles, which can modify your body proportions. Coupled with the slimming effect of pointed-toed shoes, it is even more effective! At the same time, well-cut jeans with the right length of the leather jacket can also play a great role in lifting the hips.

Single product demonstration:

Versace motorcycle leather jacket 18660RMB

ACNE nine-point jeans 1370RMB

Alexander Wang pointed toe flat shoes 3084RMB

Yves Saint Laurent handbag 17757RMB

Chloé sunglasses 710RMB

Demonstration of collocation of leather dresses

Demonstration star: Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr)

Black short leather jacket, the most favored in early spring. Simple style and exquisite tailoring make people feel cool and fashionable, very handsome. With a dark green sweater inside and a black long skirt underneath, the low-key and elegant attitude of dressing makes the fashionable you more attractive. Wearing an ankle-length skirt underneath shows a tall figure, full of celebrity daughters.

Single product demonstration:

3.1 Phillip Lim motorcycle leather jacket 10903RMB

SEE BY CHLOE long skirt 1401RMB

Acne green sweater 2236RMB

Yves Saint Laurent handbag 17757RMB

Chloé shoulder bag 4828RMB

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