L'Oreal Paris Salon Exclusive "Star Color Certification System" Released

2022-10-31 06:01

L'Oreal Paris Salon Exclusive "Star Color Certification System" Released

-----Never-stop education, a stage for realizing dreams

Do you want to elevate the professional level of color design?

Do you want to gain the deep trust of more customers?

Do you want to realize the infinite wonderful career dream?

Now, L'Oreal Paris Salon is exclusively for you, and the "Star Color Certification System" is solemnly released!

There are a full range of authoritative hairdressing courses here to fully demonstrate your hairdressing level; there is the most professional certification and assessment system to prove your strength; there are stages and opportunities to cultivate elites in the hairdressing industry, giving you everything you want! Become the exclusive star colorist of L'Oreal Paris Salon, start a dreamy new journey in your hairdressing career, realize your dreams and achieve success!

Star color certification system ----- 3 steps to success

The gradual teaching gradient of the star color certification system is suitable for hair stylists of all professional stages, from basic hair coloring skills, to basic highlighting skills to advanced hair coloring skills, 3 steps, fully demonstrating your professional standards!

Step1: Level 1 Color Consultant

Training course: "COLOR KEYS" (classic course) "COLOR CHANGE"

Professional ability: Master the L'Oreal international number system and the principle of professional hair coloring, lightening skills, and oxidation coloring guidelines. For perfect darker, lighter color change and whitening on natural hair. It can cope with various complex colors freely, and realize the perfect color change.

Step2: Secondary Color Expert

Training courses: three new courses "color creativity COLOR CREATIVE" "professional highlighting PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHT" "contrast secret CONTRAST KEYS"

Professional ability: Mastering solid color processing knowledge, using the shrinking and magnifying effects given by the warmth and depth of the color, so that the two-color technology can adjust and modify the face shape.

Step3: Level 3 overall stylist

Training courses: "Creative Dyeing and Cutting CUT&COLOR", "Creative Hot Cutting CUT&PERM", "Client Communication CLIENT COMMUNICATION" (star course)

Professional ability: Improve hair dyeing technology to integrate with personality, hairstyle and overall fashion, and integrate these professional theories into effective communication in actual work, so that creative design can enter advanced customization.

The most extensive stage, the most challenging opportunity---------Prove your strength and enjoy the wonderful

The star color certification system has a complete certification assessment system:

・ There are 4 exams per month, and certificates will be issued to those who pass the exams on the spot.

・The exam is divided into theory test and practical test, which is supervised by L'Oréal regional education manager. The theory test requires answer sheets, and the practical test needs to complete the relevant technical requirements on the head of a real model. Those who pass both the theory test and the practical test are considered to pass the test of this level.

The learning process of getting certified is a great experience for every student, and becoming our star colorist means opening a new chapter in your hairdressing career. The exclusive L'Oreal Paris salon will gradually promote the certification system and certified hair stylists to consumers, so that consumers can give more trust to professionals. As the certification system increases, Samsung certified hair stylists will also be candidates for future L'Oréal educational and artistic activities.

You who have dreams, those who love hairdressing, and those who are complacent, join hands with the exclusive L'Oreal Salon in Paris, and let the star color certification system help you realize your infinitely wonderful career dreams and move towards excellence and success.

For more details, please visit: www.lorealprofessionnel.com.cn

Or call the L'Oreal National Course Appointment Hotline at 400-880-6683

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