Luhan Yu Shuxin was said to be soil? So you have to wear a colorful coat like this

2022-08-29 06:02

Luhan Yu Shuxin was said to be soil? It's all the fault of wearing the wrong coat! Recently, Lu Han and Yu Shuxin recorded the variety show "Hahahahaha" which was photographed by netizens. Without the spotlight, Luhan's camel croissant coat and Yu Shuxin's royal blue coat were said to be very grounded under the candid camera.

Even fashion celebrities like Luhan and Yu Shuxin are said to be dirty? It seems that this kind of colorful coat can be harmful to people if it is not worn well! So, today, let’s talk about it, the weather is cold, and how should I choose children's shoes with fashionable colorful coats?

Let's talk about Luhan's camel coat first. In fact, Luhan's croissant camel coat is actually a more common style and color. The age reduction of this croissant coat is one of the biggest advantages.

Speaking of this kind of croissant coat, it originated in Belgium and was listed as a must-have item by the Royal Navy during the First World War. In World War II, the navy blue horn button coat was officially used as a standard uniform by the British Navy.

It was not until the end of World War II that horn button coats gradually became popular all over the world. It is also a representative of the British style. For example, in the movie "Paddington Bear", this blue croissant coat illustrates the popularity.

And how do you wear this horn button coat? The ones who can wear better are simple and casual. Among the male stars, Han Geng's black claw button coat, with a black collocation, is handsome and stylish.

Yi Yang Qianxi's dark green claw button coat is paired with a black inner layer and trousers, which is simple and elegant.

Refer to the blogger's outfits, the color matching also chooses black, white and gray to look better.

It can be seen that in the choice of boys' coats, especially this claw button coat, the overall matching should be simple, and the black, white and gray can be worn more beautifully.

Next, let's take a look at how to wear the colorful coats of female stars? Let's take a look at the celebrities' high-quality wear demonstrations:

Victoria Song wears an orange self-cultivation coat with a baseball cap, and looks handsome.

Airport street shooting queen Yang Mi's cowboy outfits are also more handsome and fashionable. And this wine-red coat with a black turtleneck is mature and intellectual.

Qi Wei's leopard coat and Jiang Shuying's pink coat are also worn in various styles.

So it is not difficult to see that the color coats are also very colorful! And how should Yu Shuxin wear this blue coat? It will be easier to get started if the whole body is blue. For example, if the baby is paired with blue jeans and bags, the whole body looks calm! It has the same effect as the aforementioned Yang Mi.

Tang Yan wore a navy blue oversize coat, while the inner model chose white and black.

If you want to be more fashionable and younger, Zhao Lusi's blue and white plaid coat is considered to be an artifact of the concave shape in street photography.

Therefore, the dark blue loose coat will be more colorful. If you like a coat with a stronger sense of self-cultivation, He Sui's two street shots are worth learning from, and the overall look will be more imperial and business.

Therefore, if you want to look fashionable, you can choose a looser coat. If you want to show your aura, self-cultivation is the best choice, but no matter what kind of silhouette, dark blue is the most colorful color.

After talking about blue, let's look at other colorful coats.

Pink has always been the first choice for sweet girls, but it is always a bit far-fetched to wear pink in large areas. But choosing lamb or long-haired coats will be more fashionable!

A pink teddy bear coat was also quite popular among female celebrities. What's rare is that as long as the interior is simple, everyone wears it well.

Song Qian's pink suit jacket is also very beautiful. It can be seen that as long as other colors are simple, pink can also be very fashionable.

Next, we will come to the beige coat, which is also a color that is very popular with girls every autumn and winter. Compared with Leng white, beige looks more gentle in winter. For example, Ju Jingyi's short lamb velvet coat looks feminine and girly, and she grows grass in minutes after watching it.

Taking the mature and intellectual route, Zhang Junning's oversize paired with denim is fashionable and elegant.

Mao Xiaotong's beige coat and white sweater are both intellectual and feminine.

So let's talk about how to wear a beige coat. It's the same sentence. You want to wear simple and fashionable. In addition to the versatile black and white, the choice of milk tea color is the correct choice.

Therefore, no matter whether it is a boy or a girl, if you want to buy a coat this autumn and winter, simple color matching is not wrong, and the blue, beige and pink that we recommend today are definitely one of the colors to wear well in this autumn and winter. one.

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