lululemon launches a new running series

2022-08-08 17:08

April 6, 2021, Shanghai-sports lifestyle brand lululemon launched a new running series. The running clothing designed by the lululemon R&D team for many years focuses on making running equipment lighter and improving sports performance. Whether it is a professional runner or a enthusiast who is passionate about running, lululemon hopes to create a unique running experience for the wearer. In the wild fields and in the noisy city, walk in the wind and breathe without distracting thoughts, upgrade the sense of running, and get closer to the answer!

The lululemon running series uses high-performance fabrics made of cutting-edge technology, carefully designed for users with different running habits and different experiences. The Fast and Free men’s sports jacket adopts a breathable structure. The high-neck design can block the wind and the fabric is not easily wetted by water. Even if the weather is unexpected, you can deal with it freely. The convenient back pocket and inner drawstring design make it easy to store at the same time. Dressing is more capable. Fast and Free men's sports short sleeves are made of breathable mesh fabric, which wicks sweat dry; the fabric treated with No-Stink Zinc TM can reduce odors and help runners focus on running itself during exercise. With the Fast and Free men's sports cap, you can relax and enjoy your steps in sunny weather, and blend into the scenery with your heart.

Ms. Energy's long sports underwear provides moderate support for B/C cups and is suitable for all types of sports including long-distance running or jogging. The Fast and Free women's sports tights tailored for running are made of light, dry, sweat-wicking fabrics. The upper body looks like nothing, and the variety of colors makes girls fall in love at first sight. Even when sweating, they still maintain a fashionable style. Swiftly Tech Women's Sports Vest 2.0 has always been popular. The Silverescent® technology supported by X-STATIC® can reduce odors and maintain elegance even in sweaty conditions. Made of Luxtreme™ fabric, Swift Speed women's sports high-waisted tights. The fabric has no side seam structure. The yarn is not easily deformed during movement, which helps to reduce the friction of the legs during running. The hidden waist safety pocket can store essential items. , Does not affect the high-quality running experience.

The lululemon running series has been officially launched in offline stores, Tmall Mall and the official online mall in late March.

About lululemon

lululemon is a sportswear brand inspired by a healthy lifestyle. It is committed to reaching local communities through yoga, running, training, and various forms of sweating to stimulate people's unlimited potential and live more possibilities. After more than 20 years of growth, lululemon has set a benchmark in technical fabrics and functional design, and explores real product feedback with yoga enthusiasts and athletes, continues to research functional products, and creates innovative experiences. 

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