Lunar New Year Quick Learning "Red Luck Makeup" 2014 Immediately Become a Popularity

2022-12-19 06:01

Chinese red lip makeup New Year's red luck is about to come out

The flaming red lip is definitely the most not to be missed color in the new year! The red lips are clean and full, which can brighten the whole face and instantly enhance the overall aura. The classic lip color of red lip is the representative of Chinese red. During the Chinese Lunar New Year, you might as well try it boldly, with flawless white skin, it can contrast with a strong retro feeling!

Red eyeliner is just in time for the New Year

Black eyeliner is always a bit out of tune with the festive festival of the Spring Festival. Why don't you get back the red eyeliner you left in your makeup bag? In fact, red eye makeup is not an exaggeration at all. You don't need a large area of ​​eye shadow to smudge, but use red eyeliner as the embellishment of eye makeup! The effect produced in this way can definitely be described as exquisite and special, and it is absolutely appropriate at the moment when the festive atmosphere is strong!

Crimson Pink Cheek New Year's Favorite Makeup

The blush and pink cheeks definitely double the favorability. This season, cheekbones and blushes have become a trend. Expanding the area of ​​blushes and smearing is a popular way of backstage makeup during the 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Week. When the whole family gathers during the Spring Festival, if you are a good girl, blush is definitely the best weapon for you to dress up!

Let red jump at the fingertips of the New Year

Nail polish is colorful. Is it a big problem for you to choose which color to choose? However, the Spring Festival is approaching, and red nail polish is definitely your best choice. Let the colors move at your fingertips, and the simple and fresh style is definitely the trend of spring and summer! With makeup, you only need to use clean makeup and fresh blush!

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