Luxike 72-hour long-lasting fragrance without silicone oil wash leads the trend of shampoo

2022-03-04 19:26

In autumn and winter, not only the skin will be dehydrated, but your hair will also face dehydration problems. Most of the hair problems such as yellowing and split ends will break out in winter, so how to shampoo and care for autumn and winter? Luxi Ke, the leading domestic brand of silicone-free washing and care products, believes that in autumn and winter, you should not only shampoo and care for your hair, but also comprehensively care for your scalp health. Because the scalp is an extension of the facial skin, it is also the skin tissue with the fastest aging and the highest content of free radicals in the whole body cells of the human body. It is the second weakest part of the human body after the eyelids. Therefore, it is necessary to give more maintenance to the scalp in order to protect the health of the scalp and have healthy hair.

Luxi can protect scalp health and lasting fragrance for 72 hours

Lucico Silicone-Free Cleansing Kit is a completely silicone-free cleanser. As we all know, silicone oil, as the main additive ingredient of many shampoo brands, can make consumers' hair smoother, but it is a fake phenomenon. Silicone oil will accumulate on the surface of the hair and scalp for a long time, forming a thin film, affecting the metabolism of the scalp, and in severe cases, hair loss and other hair problems will occur. And with the reduction of blood vessels in the scalp, the scalp will also begin to age and relax, which will eventually drive other skin on the face to sag and form wrinkles.

Lucky's Silicone-Free Cleansing Kit is truly a comprehensive care from the scalp. The coconut oil glycerin added in the product replaces the silicone oil component in traditional washing and care products; when shampooing, the anionic mild surfactant gently opens the hair scales, cleans the hair dirt, and can effectively inhibit bacteria, control oil, Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. This gentle product contains very low irritation and effectively protects the scalp. And the fragrance of this product is derived from the fragrance of Chanel COCO perfume. The status of Chanel perfume in women's mind is irreplaceable by other brands of perfume, but Lucy can easily have a hair fragrance comparable to that of Chanel perfume. Best of all, the Lucky Silicone Oil-Free Cleanser lasts longer. By comparing the fragrance time with data, Luxi can find that the longevity of Luxi can be as long as 72 hours. In other words, every time you shampoo, you can have up to three days of COCO fragrance around your hair.

Luxico leads the trend of shampoo without silicone oil

As the leader of silicone oil-free health care, Lucy always insists on delivering the healthy lifestyle without silicone oil to more consumers. Just this year, Lu Xike joined hands with Hebei Satellite TV's large-scale fashion and beauty program "Beautiful New Plan" and specially sponsored the broadcast. Through the joint promotion of traditional TV platforms and online video platforms, Lucica's silicone-free health care method has become the first choice of consumers. Moreover, Lucky not only leads the trend in communication, but also attracts more consumers to become promoters of Lucky products.

Lucica's silicone-free cleanser not only has the intoxicating COCO fragrance, but also lasts longer and protects your scalp health. Of course, only Lu Xike can do age reduction and hair care. Enjoy luxury and experience beauty, this winter's silicone-free wash, of course, only recognizes Luxico.

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