Ma Sichun is fat on the hot search, can still team CP with Deng Lun? Come on, you are the best!

2022-10-24 06:01

Look at the honest laughter and double chin with nowhere to hide, no prize quiz: Who is this?

she! Yes! horse! think! pure! You read that right, Ma Sichun...I'm fat...

Recently, Ma Sichun, wearing denim overalls and a red loose shirt, attended the press conference for the new drama "Come on, You Are the Best", and formed a CP on the same stage with the starring Deng Lun. After gaining 15 kilograms of fat, she changed the image of a goddess from the past, and she was "fat as two people" in the past.

She has also recently been searched for because of her weight. Netizens in this session are really strict. They actually said that Ma Sichun and Jia Ling have a good fight, but if you take a closer look, it seems that this is really the same thing.

This is the second collaboration between Ma Sichun and Deng Lun. Before the new drama "Come on, you are the best", I had a sweet interaction with Deng Lun in the variety show "I Am the Detective". Many fans named them "Chun Lun (Sinking) CP", hoping that the two will collaborate on theatrical later. Isn't this? Just finished the Tong Yan CP, Chun Lun CP is here again!

But Ma Sichun gains weight and Deng Lun, you are only fat-meat.

Fat to fat, I have to admit that the courage of "Little Ma" to gain weight for the role is not something that every female star dares to try easily, after all, being fat ruins everything. Da Mi Mi, who is extremely strict in body management, said: "Getting fat is not responsible for yourself", and the daily business is also very hard.

It is not difficult to find that compared with other female celebrities in China, Ma Sichun has a physique that is easy to get fat-lose weight faster and get fat faster.

Fortunately, as one of the best intermittent fat female stars in China, she personally demonstrated minefields and templates for fat girls to wear for us, which can be used as a reference for fat girls in daily wear~

At the press conference of this new drama, Ma Sichun chose a youthful and energetic denim overalls, which can be seen by the age reduction, and restored the soft and cute "Fuzi" character in the drama.

But this straight bib not only did not raise the waistline, but also triumphantly thickened the line of the legs several times, making her thighs look like two pillars. Although it does conceal the fat that is unwilling to be photographed visually, it actually appears fatter and stouter.

But regardless of Fuzi's style, Ma Sichun's personal clothes is another matter.

The same choice of jumpsuits, but the difference is that Ma Sichun knows how to avoid weaknesses, high-waisted denim suspenders, wearing ordinary but thin black T-shirt, interpretation of the definition of legs below the chest. Of course, there are pearl handbags and pointed white nude boots, fashionable doubles.

The fine wave point is also one of the thinner elements, combined with the high-waist jumpsuit, the laziness of the effortless chic is readily available, coupled with the age-inverse Converse canvas shoes and thin-frame glasses, I have to say that Ma Sichun is indeed thin. An old player in the outfit.

You can also use a thick belt directly to emphasize the waistline like "Tong Nian" Yang Zi. He is so handsome, and it is not impossible to stage an overbearing plumber falling in love with me.

The same type of jumpsuit, or learn from Wang Ou, use the waist bag as a belt to highlight the thinnest part of the waist. You can also put all the small objects such as mobile phone lipstick in, saving the effort of searching for small objects in the big platinum bag. In addition, Wang Ou didn’t forget to wear a fisherman’s hat because of his age reduction~

Ma Sichun also prefers to show off his beautiful legs, whether it is fat or slim, showing legs is undoubtedly a good way to lose weight.

The fashionable Jing Xiao Ma put on the old-style shoulder-padded suit, cleverly put on the long-legged artifact with thin strips-stiletto heels, and the two-meter-eight aura was instantly ignited. The girl's soft and cute appearance is in sharp contrast with the sharp aura created by the suit. But, look at the legs, look at the legs, show me the legs! !

If you want to be more casual, you can look through your boyfriend's wardrobe, put on a loose T-shirt with your gloves, go out in a second, and wear sunglasses to go out as a casual person.

Rocket girl Meng Meiqi also likes to have fun with missing bottoms. She likes to wear oversized shirts directly as shirt skirts, or she wears over-length shirts above the knee length, which is not only thin but also thin, but also shows her beautiful legs. , C-bit debut announces you!

The advanced gameplay of missing bottoms can also be on par with Wang Ju and Jiang Shuying. Over-knee boots can well modify the imperfect lines of the legs, even though they are not afraid of showing their legs. And be sure to choose pointed, pointed, pointed to further heighten your body!

At the wedding of Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin, the ghost horse Ma Sichun succeeded in stealing the spotlight in the C position with a red French tea break dress. Not to mention that the retro Wenqing tea-break skirt is white, but it can be slightly tightened, and occasionally lose weight~

She also buys this sweet retro style very much, using a velvet headband or a Japanese knitted cardigan to match it with two completely different retro feelings, but a girl can be familiar with it.

The attackable and acceptable Victoria Song chose the most classic and not error-prone ruffled waist top. The red polka dots have always been one of the representatives of French sweetness. Paired with washed denim jeans, they strive to be as sweet as once. Intellectual Parisian woman.

In the recent hot Korean drama "Druner Hotel", President Zhang Manyue, played by IU, has nearly ten outfits per episode. It can be called the live-action version of "Miracle Love", which interprets another kind of sweetness + retro just right. balance.

Although Ma Sichun became fat for the drama and became Jia Ling, every girl is shining and deserves to be loved.

It’s okay to be fat, but not to wear the wrong clothes!

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