Ma Su staged the temptation of breasts and bare legs

2022-03-23 14:00

Ma Su recently appeared in a fashion magazine and has attracted much attention. In the magazine, Ma Su showed off her sexy breasts and straight legs, which made men drool.

Under a dark windbreaker is bare skin, slim and sexy, with exposed career lines, even the editor, who is a girl, is attracted.

A pair of slender, straight, smooth-skinned legs are more eye-catching against the dark background. I have to say that sometimes the body is more attractive than the face.

Nowadays, nine out of ten girls want to have a slim figure, not only for the purpose of dressing to look good, but also for being able to boldly "expose" and play sexy. But even if you have a great body, if your skin is not good, you will still be complained.

A typical example is that in summer, we often see girls with acne on their backs wearing open-back outfits. The degree of "visual pollution" is exactly the same as that of a person with fat on their stomachs wearing open-back outfits. Similarly, if your arms, legs, neck, chest and other exposed skin are not good-looking, it will attract disgusting eyes. However, the vast majority of girls only put the focus of skin care on the face, but few people pay attention to body skin care.

Chanel Encounters Soft Skin Shining Cream (Starry Series Limited Edition) RMB885

The rich cream gently wraps around the body, extremely moisturizing* leaving the skin feeling pleasantly scented and silky soft. The delicate pearl-like luster makes the skin sweeter, and the romantic floral scent makes the aftertaste of the encounter perfume longer, exuding a faint floral fragrance, as if quietly calling for love.

Today I will talk about how to take care of your skin, so that you can boldly show off your beautiful skin and look as sexy and glamorous as the models in the magazine.

Whether it is face or body, the first step in skin care is always cleansing. When taking a bath, don't just rub it carelessly. Every part must be cleaned carefully. Dead corners such as behind the ears, belly button, and elbows are most easily overlooked. When washing, pay special attention to cleaning these areas.

Use the scrub once every two weeks, especially focusing on the elbows, knees, ankles and other areas that are prone to keratin buildup. These areas can be exfoliated once a week or so.

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