MAC Charm invites New Year's Ambassador Wan Baobao to perform oriental aesthetics, full of palace style, and new makeup.

2022-10-17 06:01

With the arrival of the new year, M·A·C has combined with the palace culture of the Forbidden City. I like the world in this palace, paying tribute to traditional culture, combining classic palace elements with trendy beauty, and launching a new Chinese style M·A· C Mei Ke's "New Year's Limited" series of makeup items, exploring the most beautiful Chinese makeup, Huanqi is full of palace spirit in the new year, and the new makeup is full of looks!

(M·A·C "New Year Limited" series)

M·A·C Meike specially invited Miss Wan Baobao, an international jewelry designer, to be the M·A·C Meike New Year's ambassador. Together with the new supermodel Cao Ziwei, they will interpret the oriental aesthetics in the eyes of M·A·C. The Chinese makeup of eastern and western aesthetics is a stunning interpretation of the journey through tradition and fashion, feeling the collision between tradition and modernity, past and future, and giving trendy beauty a touch of elegance from the East.

Noble and elegant - secret color makeup

Wan Baobao, M·A·C's New Year's ambassador, is wearing an antique embroidered dress, and uses secret-colored purple makeup to unlock the nobility and elegance of ancient makeup. Wan Baobao lightly picked Liu Ye's thin eyebrows and focused on Danfeng's eyeliner. The eyes are matched with soft eyeshadow in the shape of petals, and the reddish-brown color is rich and saturated, creating a three-dimensional silhouette. A touch of red on the lower lip interprets the classic red RUBY WOO, making the overall makeup look more ancient and noble. M·A·C's "New Year's limited" bullet head has a new appearance with high-quality texture, which is magnificent and eye-catching, creating a charming red lip aura, and precipitating the beautiful Chinese color.

(M·A·C New Year's Ambassador Wan Baobao interprets "Secret Color and Crimson Makeup")

(Left: M·A·C "New Year's Edition" eye shadow palette;

Right: M·A·C "New Year limited" bullet head RUBY WOO classic red)

Majestic - streamer and proud makeup

M·A·C New Year's Ambassador Wan Baobao candidly interprets the streamer and proud makeup, interpreting the majestic momentum of modern Chinese makeup. With brown red dirty orange MARRAKESH upper lip, the eye shadow of the same color smudges the eyebrows, a dazzling highlight on the cheeks sets off the slightly drunk blush, and the chic fan-shaped earrings are added to show the edge, and the sky-high twist braids show the trend of the long rainbow. "M·A·C New Year's Edition" three-dimensional fluffy light repairing cake, combined with modern pressing powder technology, the ace ginger high-gloss charm is upgraded, and the dragon pattern is added to the body, showing a new brightening moment. Delicate champagne color, elegantly adorn eyes, cheeks and lips, plump apple muscles, delicate contours and dazzling eyes, as bright as a bright moon, showing a domineering Chinese style.

(M·A·C Meike New Year Ambassador Wan Baobao performs "Flowering Proud Makeup")

(Left: M·A·C "New Year limited" bullet MARRAKESH brown red dirty orange;

Right: M·A·C Meike "New Year's Limited" three-dimensional fluffy light repair cake)

Atmosphere Gentleness - Fei Yan Palace Drunk Makeup

The new supermodel Cao Ziwei interprets the classical "red rouge palace makeup" with a refined and refined temperament, with a thin line to raise her eyebrows and dye her cheeks slightly red. The makeup is clear and flawless, completely natural, and it seems that the beautiful scenery of a good day is vividly on the top. "M·A·C New Year's Edition" blush palette, the powder is delicate and smooth, the two-color blush is warmer than orange, and a touch of it adds a charming color to the cheeks. "M·A·C New Year's Edition" Ocean Brightening Cushion Cream, which can lighten flaws with a gentle stroke, light up translucent, moisturizing and lustrous skin, just like its own light.

(New supermodel Cao Ziwei interprets "Hirty Rouge Palace Drunk Makeup")

(Left: M·A·C "New Year's Limited" blush palette;

Right: M·A·C "New Year's Limited" Ocean Brightening Air Cushion)

Clear and Smart - Cold Moon Phantom Makeup

The new supermodel Cao Ziwei gently unlocks the modern "Cold Moon Phantom Makeup", contrasting the soft and beautiful bangs with the sharp-edged eyeliner, the lingering eyeshadow echoes the warm lip color, and the overall makeup is elegant and ingenious, pure and transparent Hierarchy. "M·A·C New Year's Edition" eyeshadow palette, the color matching continues the splendor of enamel colors, the hot reddish-brown color is matched with a cool orchid to create a layered eye makeup, and the combination is used to create eye-catching eye makeup, release Smart temperament. Lip color A touch of crystal clear coral color lip glaze MAGICALLY DELIGHTFUL, soft brilliance reveals elegant charm.

(New supermodel Cao Ziwei performs "Cold Moon Phantom Makeup")

(Left: M·A·C "New Year's Edition" eye shadow palette;

Right: M·A·C "New Year's Limited" lip glaze MAGICALLY DELIGHTFUL crystal coral color)

On the occasion of the traditional festival, M·A·C Charm can join hands with the Palace Culture of the Forbidden City. I like the world in this palace, and present the "New Year's Limited" series, which is full of palace spirit and new makeup! If you want to perform innovative oriental aesthetics with M·A·C New Year's Ambassador Wan Baobao and new supermodel Cao Ziwei, you can immediately log on to M·A·C's official website, or M·A·C's Tmall official website. Flagship store, or go to the offline stores of M·A·C, choose your favorite items, inherit the classics, and have a long aftertaste.

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