Make-up in a dessert shop with charming colors like macaron

2022-09-12 06:01

Continuing the style of the entire series last year, the new makeup series still retains the charming macaron-like colors, not only the egg-shaped blush cream from the previous season, but also related products such as eyeliner and lip gloss. Blush is Ladure's most famous product. Last year, the brand launched a petal-shaped blush. This season, the designer combined the petal blush into a three-dimensional flower. The new lip gloss has a total of 7 colors and looks like a hairpin used by ancient women. The slender carved shell and the golden pendant at the end make you love it.

Les Merveilleuses LADURE make-up series was launched by Ladure in cooperation with Japanese skin care products manufacturer ALBION. Its design is based on the background of the era after the French Revolution. Whether it is make-up design or shape packaging, it exudes a strong French retro style. The designer tried to show women's pursuit of beauty and love based on the romantic spirit of freedom and innovation in the large environment at that time.

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