Makeup novice look at the simple and easy-to-understand makeup brush

2023-02-24 15:55

After buying a lot of cosmetics, many novice MM found that they didn't know which makeup brush should be used for which cosmetic, and their eagerness to try was immediately poured into a basin of cold water. Today, the editor will introduce several versatile and multi-purpose makeup brushes for makeup beginners, so that everyone can draw beautiful and delicate makeup.

First of all, eye makeup is the soul part of makeup, the so-called finishing touch, so eye makeup is also the first part that makeup beginners will first come into contact with. Below I will introduce some eye makeup brushes to you. The eye brushes responsible for coloring are brushes 1 and 2 in the picture. The main function is to apply eye shadow, apply, pat, and rub on the eyelids. Europeans and Americans have darker eye sockets and a larger area of eye shadow coloring, so they need a larger eye brush; Asian mm eye shadow coloring area is smaller, inner double, narrow double eyelid and single eyelid mm should appropriately reduce the eye shadow Coloring the area will not draw the effect of domestic violence. For a lot of eye makeup, you need to use more than one color. At this time, use a larger eye shadow brush when applying a large area, and use a smaller eye brush when applying a small area. If you don't want to invest so many brushes in large, medium and small sizes, it is recommended to invest in a medium-sized eye brush, and then every time you change colors, rub the color off on a tissue and go to the next color.

Eye brushes responsible for smearing

These types of brushes are generally long and loose, and the powder grasping force is weak, as shown in the No. 3 brush. It is mainly used to smudge the edge of the eye shadow that is relatively tough, with a heavy line, or to make a soft transition between two colors. These brushes are needed for more advanced eye makeup techniques. Beginners don't have to worry too much about how to transition and smudge these techniques. Brushes that strengthen the focus and deal with details.

These brushes are mostly used to deal with corners and fine details. For example, the No. 4 pencil-shaped brush in the picture is a powerful tool to strengthen the eye socket and the end of the eye. Brush #5 pictured is a good choice for coloring the lower eyelid. This type of brush I think is one of the must-have brushes. Because after all, the position of the corner of the eye is not easy to be colored accurately, and it is particularly important to handle the delicate brush with a strong coloring force.

Foundation Brush

There are two types of foundation brushes depending on the type of foundation you like and the different makeup effects you like. If you use a liquid foundation and prefer a sheer finish, I recommend a tongue-type foundation brush, such as bobbi brown foundation, these brushes can easily create a clear and docile effect. If you are using a solid type, such as powder or mineral powder, or use a liquid foundation and prefer a concealer finish, I suggest you choose a foundation that works in circles, such as a flat brush or Real Technique's Expert FaceBrush, just need A flawless base can be achieved with easy circular motions.

Loose Powder

Brush A loose powder brush is the perfect weapon for setting makeup. There are not many types of loose powder brushes, just choose a fluffy brush that fits your face size.

Concealer brushes

Concealer brushes are also divided into two categories according to the type of concealer. The editor has written a detailed experience of concealer before. If you want a more liquid concealer to cover dark circles, or need a large area of concealer, I would recommend a similar small-sized Buffing Brush. If you use Real Techniques' deluxe crease brush, this one can brush the concealer very evenly and docilely. The other type of concealer is a solid concealer to cover acne. I recommend a concealer brush like a small tongue-shaped foundation brush, such as Laura Mercier's brush, which allows you to apply the right amount of concealer and apply it accurately.

 Blush brush

I suggest that in addition to choosing the blush brush according to the texture, I also recommend that you choose according to the face shape. Sisters who like to use creamy blush can choose a smaller Buffing Brush to smudge out a natural blush. For example, Real Technique's Contour Brush can choose a blush brush according to the face shape. If you have a long face, I recommend choosing a round blush brush to apply the blush in circles to reduce the sense of age, such as Real Technique's blush brush. If you have a short face, I recommend slanting the blush to make the face more obvious, then you can use an angled contour brush or a flat blush brush.

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