Manual shaving can also be fun

2022-03-04 19:26

Are you thinking, "Who is still using the old-fashioned manual blade holder? Use an electric shaver to do it in a few clicks!" If you live a fast pace, if you are lazy, if shaving is for you Say just to complete the task, then the electric shaver is really suitable for you.

However, for some men, shaving is an enjoyable process. From the moment the hot towel was applied to the face, the fine foam was applied to the cheeks, and then the blade smoothly swept across the skin, watching the beard and foam being taken away by the razor, revealing the smooth cheeks... this is also Why do many men choose to go to the salon to enjoy shaving care.

Some people also told me that the reason why I fell in love with the traditional knife holder is from nostalgia. The ignorant and ignorant teenagers watched his father shave his beard with a manual razor, and often secretly made gestures on his face. Shaving in a small heart seemed to be a sign of growing up to a man, and the knife holder was often given to his son by the father. Adult gift.

Manual razors are indeed not as convenient and fast as electric products. If you are not careful, you will risk cutting yourself. Fortunately, there is shaving foam (their parents used soap to make the foam), and its function One is to soften the beard, and the other is to shave more smoothly. Today's shaving products also add calming ingredients to help you soothe your skin and avoid allergies and redness.

If you are a thorough slacker, just choose shaving foam and spray it out and use it; if you want to clean and shave at once, choose cleansing and shaving gel products, shaving can also help clean the facial skin ; If you are a fan of traditional shaving cream, then choosing a shaving block (cream) will definitely make you feel nostalgic.

We have selected 10 shaving foams (cream, block), with them, you can enjoy the fun of shaving.

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