Many skin problems in the rainy season turn into a mask to save the "muscle"

2022-07-27 17:15

In the rainy season, the air is very moisturizing, but why is the skin still dull, water-oil imbalanced and dehydrated? Babies said that Very can't believe it, it makes the skin suffer from all kinds of pains and can't tell!

why your skin is so dark

Seriously, what about high moisture content? Dull skin is entirely due to heat, OK? On the sultry day before the rain, every girl struggling in the "steamer" understands that skin cells are prone to fatigue and other problems in the high temperature state. Coupled with the stimulation of ultraviolet rays, it becomes dark and dull in minutes.

Makeup water turns into a face mask to solve the problem

So while doing a good job of sun protection, we also need to cool down the skin in time! Using lotion and facial mask paper to make a self-made water film instead of facial mask, on the one hand, it can take care of the skin in a changeable environment and avoid allergies caused by the strong activity of high-function facial mask products. On the other hand, the nutrients in commonly used lotions are easier Accepted by the skin, it can quickly replenish nutrition and moisture to the skin.

Marumi Edelweiss pure moisturizing gudugudu essence lotion 

The Swiss Edelweiss anti-pollution protection system is like a "purifying humidifier" for the skin, protecting the skin from environmental damage, maintaining the skin's pure and healthy ecology, and making the skin appear pure, clear and healthy.

Sekkisei lotion blue declaration environmental protection 2016 limited edition

Rich in Chinese herbal plant extracts such as coix seed, angelica, licorice, etc., it can prevent dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure, gradually improve skin transparency and improve skin essence. Deep into the hearts of women, unprecedented natural lotion.

POLA Weiss Double Brightening Whitening Lotion 

Moisturizing texture, feel the whitening complex factor, penetrate layer by layer, reproduce skin whitening. It fully moisturizes the skin, instantly achieves a sense of transparency, opens the penetration channel for subsequent products, and leads to a moist and soft skin state.

Nature Hall Snowland Essence Pure Moisturizing Ice Muscle Water (Clear Moisturizing) 

The natural small molecular mass glacier water from the Himalayas above 5,000 meters can penetrate the intercellular space, replenish intracellular water, and promote the absorption of subsequent products; improve the skin's horny barrier function, upgrade the moisturizing effect, and optimize the skin's water retention; anti-oxidative purification, delicate luster , delay aging, make the skin moist and fresh.

Hadalabo White Run Whitening Lotion Refreshing Type 

Hada Lab's newly developed high-performance import moisturizing technology, which integrates three different molecules of hyaluronic acid, provides an effective moisturizing barrier for the skin inside and outside. The excellent import technology helps the skin absorb subsequent skin care ingredients. Combined with a variety of hyaluronic acid to double moisturizing, with double brightening factor, to create white and clear skin. Suitable for any skin, weak acidity, low irritation, no fragrance, coloring and mineral oil added.

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