MARKGONG 2022 spring and summer series released

2022-08-03 17:17

MARKGONG 2022 spring and summer series "Sunday, 6:15am, Park Ave" must be a series that women who are sober and understand themselves will choose. During the day, "GONG GIRLS" wore them and shuttled through the office buildings in the bustling streets. When night fell, they would change their outfits and dress in dance skirts, swaying in the night.

Sunday, 6:15am, Park Ave

This is a Sunday morning on New York’s Park Avenue. A free and easy Lower East Side girl has just spent a night of crazy party. At sunrise, she wears lazy curly hair and a menswear tailoring. She wraps her body casually, but she wears a gorgeous and sexy party dance dress inside. She walks in the garden unhurriedly. The prosperity of the city is both contrasting and interrelated.

In the MARKGONG 2022 Spring/Summer series, "GONG GIRLS" is more like the heroine Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City", independent, daring to love and hate, clothes and styles are very contrasting, with a strong play Meaningful and interesting, but spiritually rich and free.

This season's very interesting item is inspired by the cover of the first issue of "VOGUE" in which Anna Wintour took office in 1988: supermodel Michaela Bercu wore a high-end ready-to-wear, but underneath was wearing jeans for $40. Denim fabrics and luxury clothing together, not only do not conflict with each other, but can even be matched with interesting shapes. This season's sweaters also present a fashionable side. The precise contour lines and the simple balance of luxurious sports elements can be used in luxurious gatherings or release themselves in relaxing scenes. "GONG GIRLS" only cares whether the appearance of the clothes can express my personality, but does not care whether it is expensive.

Life is full of drama

The designer's creativity always appears in casual life. The diamond-shaped elements newly incorporated this season are inspired by the diamond-shaped patterns that appeared on the surface of the biscuits when creative director MARK GONG bake biscuits at home. Instead, MARK had a whim and applied the diamond to his design.

In terms of tailoring, the neat and clean design fits the lines of the female body better. The creative director MARK GONG has handled the tailoring well. In addition, this season also adopted a large area of silver, silver is the color of calmness, is a symbol of insight and leadership, "GONG GIRLS" wearing a silver suit, strong free and easy, casual.

This season, "Sunday, 6:15am, Park Ave" brought by MARKGONG is actually encouraging women not to be afraid of any challenges and to dare to pursue everything they want.

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