Maybelline New York Sponsored 2014 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Week

2022-10-10 06:02

This season's Shanghai Fashion Week will be held from October 17th to October 25th at the "Gemini" show on the water in Xintiandi and Taiping Lake Park, a trendy and fashionable landmark in Shanghai. Maybelline New York sent an elite team of talented makeup artists, led by Maybelline New York star makeup artist KIM LU, from Shanghai, Beijing, South China and West China, etc., to create fashion designs from home and abroad for a week. Teacher, a total of 40 shows to provide full makeup support. Among them are the well-known excellent local designers Ji Cheng, Li Hongyan, etc., and there are also well-known fashion brands such as OASIS, AOLISHA, MCG.

Following the successful first show in Asia last year with Vera WANG, the queen of wedding dresses, the closing show of Shanghai Fashion Week once again invited the queen of wedding dress fashion to bring her new season's works, reinterpreting modern, fashionable And yet elegant New York fashion style! This will undoubtedly be the biggest highlight of this season's fashion week! Maybelline New York's team of celebrity makeup artists created the backstage makeup for the whole process.

Bai Sihan, General Manager of Maybelline New York China, expressed his excitement for the reunion of Maybelline New York and Shanghai Fashion Week: "The reunion of Maybelline and Fashion Week is the most unsuspenseful match made in heaven. Fashion and makeup are inseparable, so Maybelline Become the closest partner of fashion week. From New York to Shanghai, on the platform of global fashion week, Maybelline is bringing trendy colors and trendy makeup from the runway to the street, allowing the majority of Chinese women to feel the passion of fashion and the brand's passion through fashion week. Charm. We are also very happy to provide strong support for the rising Chinese design force, and look forward to more and more local Chinese designers stepping onto the international fashion stage and shining the light of Chinese fashion.”

2014 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Week - Maybelline New York Creates Backstage Trendy Makeup Looks


Makeup Analysis: This makeup look is inspired by the classical Chinese style - The Peony Pavilion. The clear base makeup is matched with a large pink eye shadow that blooms in the corners of the eyes like peach blossoms. With a touch of red lips, it plays a makeup effect that echoes the whole, and reflects the feminine and classical temperament to the extreme!

Product Build: Pure Mineral BB Cream; Jelly Brilliant Blush; Gorgeous Long-Lasting Lipstick - Light Nude

Helen LEE

Makeup Analysis: This makeup reflects the girly makeup that is "lively, innocent, and confident". Transparent three-dimensional base makeup, simple inner eyeliner with nude gold eye shadow, and pink three-dimensional lip makeup, reflecting the agility and cuteness of girls.

Product creation: Baobei powder tender honey milk; Flying Arrow mascara; stunning lipstick

Makeup Analysis: The theme of this makeup look is "Independent, Simple, Healthy"! Exquisite base makeup, playful and thick eyelashes, and flesh-pink lip makeup highlight the lively, cheerful and enthusiastic characteristics of urban women.

Product creation: pure mineral skin-friendly blush; star diamond dazzling five-color eye shadow; stunning long-lasting lipstick

Makeup Analysis: This season's makeup is inspired by the "warm sun in winter". The overall makeup effect is crystal clear, like a fairy descending into the world. Silver-white eyebrow makeup, orange-pink blush and lip makeup create an ethereal and transparent look. Snow Queen makeup.

Product creation: Boundless Lengthening and Extending Mascara; Eye-Sharing Four-color Eye Shadow - Brilliant Diamond Eye Shadow; Stunning Long-lasting Lipstick - Nude Color Series

Makeup Analysis: Inspired by "British retro", this makeup look is exquisite and sexy with raised eyeliner, and with flaming red lips, it interprets the power and aura of women at the same time!

Product Build: Pure Mineral BB Cream; Ultra-Fine, Easy-to-Paint Liquid Eyeliner; Gorgeous Long-Lasting Lipstick-R42

Makeup Analysis: Modern fashion is a major feature of this makeup look. The eye makeup with geometric elements gives an ultra-modern visual impact. With the pink base makeup and lip makeup, it perfectly combines modern fashion with softness and restraint.

Product builds: Pure Mineral BB Cream; Eye-Shaping Long-Lasting Shadow Eyeliner; Gorgeous Long-Lasting Lipstick

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