Maybelline New York's First Matte Metallic Lipstick Is Hot Online

2023-01-23 06:01

In December 2017, the fashion trend of metallic colors continued to be hot. If you have not kept up with the trend and started a metallic item, you might as well choose to start with a metallic lipstick! Boldly breaking the rules and daring to try, Maybelline New York has newly launched Maybelline's stunning long-lasting lipstick - metallic color series, 20 full series of rich colors, ever-changing metallic luster, so that you can also play the metallic style in the beauty industry, and become a gorgeous fashion. Cool GIRL, light up this fall and winter festive season.

Leading the trend of metal, easily hold for various occasions

The new Maybelline Metal series lipstick is rich in 100% fine-textured metallic luster and lip-friendly moisturizing texture, which can effectively help eliminate lip wrinkles. A thin layer gives the lips a high degree of long-lasting color, and a touch of metal gilding makes the lip makeup more full and three-dimensional, subverting the conventional daily makeup, and the hot lips will instantly transform you into the brightest one in the crowd, such as The gilt-like stars shine, making people unable to take their eyes off it.

Maybelline New York Stunning Lasting Lipstick Metallic Series RMB109/3.9g

20 major metallic colors, 3 styles can be switched at will

Maybelline New York specially invites popular idol @Cecilia Song Yanfei and super popular beauty blogger @fan NO_FAN_NO_FUN to exclusively interpret metallic dazzling colors, from the delightful everyday pink series, to the sexy gilded holiday colors, to the flamboyant personality The trendy and cool color system of the 20-color series of different non-ferrous metals, single-wipe or stack-wipe is optional, easy to grasp the eye-catching careful machine, blooming metallic luster.

Pink series

Who said that metallic colors are not everyday and difficult to hold? The super versatile daily scheming color system will give you a dazzling light inadvertently.

Gilt series

Gentle and subtle, elf playful, the soft cream shade will make your lips feel like ice cream melting in the sun. This is the golden girl color that fairies all want to have, full of lightness.

Cool series

nice? That is the pursuit of low-end players! For the high-end version of the cool girls, playing a side door, being a minority, and challenging the HARD mode are the most cutting-edge fashion, and the ultimate bold metallic color system for heavy makeup enthusiasts.

One lipstick to play with the whole face makeup

In addition to being both single-applied and layered - with any color to create metallic lip makeup, the metallic series of lipsticks can also be used as highlight and eye shadow to match with one's heart, and a touch of gilt can easily match all kinds of makeup. Metal streamer lip, this fashion magic weapon that has been discovered by trend pioneers and lipstick lovers, are you ready to take it into your pocket?

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