Men's "dazzling skills" play and wear, the color collision and layering are amazing

2022-10-31 06:01


Source: Little Fairy Potatoes

Image source: Poster Fashion Network

The 2019 autumn and winter Florence men's clothing exhibition (Pitti Uomo) is getting better and better. Orange brown with light blue, cobalt blue with dark green... The fashionable jackets in black and fluorescent yellow are quite eye-catching, and Prada orange and dark red gradient jackets are also enough to grab the spotlight; in addition to the eye-catching colors, the layers of different materials are the best. The "magical skills" of the gentlemen in suits are reflected. The mix and match of similar fabrics such as tweed and plaid are more elegant and textured; accessories such as hats, glasses and scarves are exquisitely embellished, and brooches and pocket squares show the taste in the details, which is amazing The good taste of these street shooters!

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