Michelle Chen's version of Xiaolongnu destroys three views, Zhang Xinyu's version of Li Mochou's makeup is perfect

2022-08-22 06:02

Michelle Chen's version of Little Dragon Girl

Michelle Chen's face is more fleshy, and she will inevitably be a little bloated when playing the fairy-like little dragon girl. In addition, Michelle Chen's style in the play is fresh and has no delicate feeling, which is different from the temperament in the novel.

With frivolous eyebrow makeup and slightly puffy eye makeup, Michelle Chen's eyes may have lost a bit of aura. The contouring of the face is not very good, so that the contours of the face and the overall skin tone are not satisfactory, and it is no wonder that netizens complain.

Zhang Xinyu's version of Li Mochou

In the two episodes of "The Legend of Condor Heroes", most of them describe Li Mochou's emotional experience, so many people call the prequel "Li Mochou Biography". Li Mochou, played by Zhang Xinyu, has changed emotionally, from being an ignorant girl to having tasted the bitterness of love, and her makeup is also different. In the early days, Li Mochou had thick eyebrows, but he was a little cute. With pink and orange blush and lip makeup, Li Mochou's girly look is still very beautiful.

In the later period of emotional hair color changes, Li Mochou's makeup looks a little less pink. The heroic eyebrow makeup and the flying and neat eyeliner give a sense of "Mochou" in the domineering. Whether in the early stage or in the later stage, Zhang Xinyu's version of Li Mochou completely beats Xiaolongnu.

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