Nail and sandals Beautiful summer

2022-05-18 15:06

Fluorescent neon colors make summer more dynamic. If your skin tone is dark, it is recommended to apply this color of nail polish. The bright fluorescent orange will be more eye-catching because of your skin tone, and then match it with a pair of brightly colored sandals. , this will make you dazzling from head to toe.

The black simple style sandals highlight the fair and delicate skin of the feet. It can be seen that the owner of these feet takes good care of them on weekdays. Such delicate feet and pink macaron orange pink are definitely a perfect match! This little-feminine color makes you look dainty.

Recommended nail polish in this issue:

Givenchy Glamour Nail Polish Sunny Natsuki Limited Edition

Recommendation index: 4 points

Editor's Pick: Givenchy Glamour Nail Lacquer Sunshine Natsuki Limited Edition is a gorgeous color that strengthens and protects your nails. The color is extremely bright and long lasting. The effect is long lasting. It can take care of the nails and make the nails shine instantly.

This color is gentle enough to be humanized, sweeter and innocent than pink, wheat-colored skin and nude-colored high-heeled sandals were originally conservative and low-key, but the powder blue on the toes danced restlessly, adding girlish sweetness. 

When it comes to eye-catching tools, this toe manicure is truly "golden", and it is also a good replacement color for girls who are tired of beige nail polish, low-key but elegant.

Recommended nail polish in this issue:

Estee Lauder Floral Nail Polish Limited Edition

Recommendation index: 5 points

Editor's Pick: Estee Lauder Blossoming Nail Lacquer Limited Edition, finish with a solid #J0HotSpell finish to add a stunning vibrant coral hue to your fingertips to complete your summer-goddess look.

The pale pink nail polish looks girly, the fair skin is more eye-catching under the pale pink wedge sandals, and the pale pink solid color manicure is more cute with the small heart-shaped tattoo.

Cherry red is suitable for any skin tone and is a classic and versatile color for nail polish, while the classic contrast of red and black is a sexy pairing that can never be wrong. Fish mouth sandals reveal small red nails, which are very attractive.

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