Nail art is also a technical work: which colors of nail polish are white?

2022-07-09 14:32

Nail art is also a technical work: which colors of nail polish are white?

Girls who are naturally dark-skinned may feel uncomfortable, and there is no way to pick a nail polish like a girl with fair skin to look good and white. Therefore, when choosing a nail polish for a girl with black hands, you should follow the following principles:

1. Cool colors are whiter than warm colors

Our skin itself is "yellow", which is a warm tone, so it is recommended to adjust the skin tone with cool-toned nail polish.

2. The dark color is whiter than the light color

Dark colors are indeed whiter than light colors, even if red in warm colors, dark reds are more white.

3. The gloss is whiter than the matte

Although matte nail polish is very stylish, it will feel dirty and ruin the beauty of the nails if it is not used properly.

4. Be careful with pearlescent nail polish

It is easy to show old age if the pearl is not used well! If you like the flood light feeling of pearlescent, it is recommended to use pearlescent nail polish with other nail polishes.

In normal times, the most commonly used colors for sister paper are red, blue, gray, and nude. Each color has a variety of colors of nail polish. How to choose a white color?

Red series: wine red vs chili red

Every time someone asks the editor what color to paint the nails white, but the editor can't answer, they will throw out the answer: red. Because red is basically used with any skin tone, it is the most white. The most common red nail polishes are burgundy (including Bryant's red, poisonous and similar), and chili red.

From the comparison picture, we can see that the "orange tone" in the chili red will make the hands appear yellow; the darker wine red is white and more youthful. However, if the complexion is white enough, using chili red directly will look more charming.

Nail painting tips:

With red as the main color, the nail color pattern with white and gold will look very girlish. In the spring and summer, the monochromatic color of burgundy is relatively heavy. You might as well try to use burgundy, or even chili red with gold and white, to design a more lively nail art pattern.

Blue series: sapphire blue vs pink blue

Blue is the cool color of the lever, can it be white if you choose it? But the popular macaron color pink blue may not be very friendly to black skin girls.

The cool-toned royal blue is indeed very white and gorgeous, while the addition of white powder blue and light blue will make the hands appear darker.

Although it is not white, it has a personality. The light blue is very beachy. In summer, it can just set off the summer skin tone that has been tanned by a shade! In the next spring and summer, the editor also recommends that everyone get a light blue nail polish!

Editor's Pick: Innisfree Vitality Nail Polish (Macaron Collection) #83

Product price: RMB 30 / 10ml

Recommended reason: The sweet and lovely macaron color series has soared in popularity, the feminine light colors have continued to make persistent efforts, and the soft color series has continued to be favored. Get inspired by sweet and lovely macaron colors and get your fingers coloured!

Nude color: lotus root purple vs rice skin tone

Nude color is a color that girls like but it is difficult to control. The most common colors are beige, tauli, light brown, etc. Because it is close to the skin color, if you choose the wrong color accidentally, you will have a local feel!

The lotus root purple has a cool color, and it looks darker than other colors, so it will be very low-key and gorgeous after painting, which will improve the temperament a lot, and the most important thing is to be more white. And brown nail polish, because of the "yellow", looks darker on the hands of people with yellow skin.

Nail painting tips:

Girls who are obsessed with light nude colors can add some shiny elements to monochrome manicures, such as pasting golden diamonds, line stickers, or embellishing them with glitter nail polish. The gradient of dark and light nude colors is also very delicate. .

Greys: dark grey vs silver

The gray color system faces similar problems as the nude color system, and on the other hand, cool girls will like to choose kira kira's silver nail polish, but they don't know that silver is very difficult to control!

In dark gray, it is best to choose non-pearl, which is more white and temperament, and girls who want to create a personalized vision are not bold enough to use gray-tone nail polish.

Editor's recommendation: CPB Skin Key Charm Dance Banquet Limited Nail Polish Set

Product price: RMB 550 / 8mL/3

Recommended reason: The ring pattern formed by the shining golden crystals is the design theme of the mask. It is as bright and moving as the stars dotted in the vast night sky. The interlaced light and shadow exudes charming brilliance. Three different colors of nail polish Vibrant and shining fingertips, add a mysterious mood to the dance night. The nail polish bottle caps are designed with masks of different styles, and three different colors brew their own gorgeous and bright.

If the color is too beautiful, it is difficult to give up some colors that are difficult to whiten, and it is a good choice to use it in nail painting, but I believe that girls react to nail polish in the same way as they do to lipstick: I hope all colors are all in! But the editor also hopes that the above practical tips will help you when choosing a nail polish color!

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