Nail Art Q&A Nail polish glue VS nail polish who hurts more

2022-06-28 10:28

Does Nail Polish Damage Nails More Than Nail Polish?

In fact, nail polish is composed of the volatile solvent formaldehyde, nitrocellulose, and oil-soluble pigments. The nail polish will slowly oxidize and turn yellow, and the pigments will precipitate on the nails, so it needs to be removed in 3 to 4 days. Nail polish is a resin, which is non-toxic and harmless, and lasts a long time. The damage to the nails is more from the nail remover, and the acetone it contains is harmful to the nails. There is no better or worse between the two. It is recommended to use nail polish if you like to change the color of your nails frequently, and if you need durability, it is recommended to use nail polish.

Nail lamps tan hands, causing skin cancer?

This statement is not correct. Common nail lamps include UV lamps and LED lamps. Try to choose LED lamps when using them, so that the handle will not turn black. The researchers compared the amount of radiation from common nail lamp exposures with narrow-spectrum UVB phototherapy (NBUVB). The effective radiation dose of each device was tested with Photocarcinogenicity Spectroscopy (SCP-h). SCP-h is used to determine the amount of radiation during potentially carcinogenic UV nail light therapy and the amount of radiation in each individual narrow-spectrum light therapy. The results of the study show that nail lamp nail irradiation is a single narrow-spectrum irradiation on a localized scale, so there is little risk of skin cancer.

How to care for nails?

When trimming your nails, you should soak your fingers in warm water first. You can place a few fresh lemon slices in the water to leach out the dirt in the nail seams and soften the nail skin. After drying your hands, Use the tool to gently push the soft leather, pressing gently. Use a nail brush to clean around your nails to remove any soft dander that has sloughed off, then dip your fingers in a basin of water to rinse. After drying your hands, apply a moisturizing oil cream and massage with your fingers for 2 minutes. Finally, use cotton dipped in alcohol to wipe the surface and inside of the nail. In addition, apply more nutritious oil, which can also effectively protect the nails.

Products you will use:

DHC nail nourishing oil  RMB 88/10ml

Add olive oil, plant squalane, and other ingredients, accompanied by the elegant natural rose fragrance, to nourish the nails and the skin around the nails, and build strong nails. After caring for the skin around the nails, gently massage the area to apply.

Innisfree Vitality Nail Strengthener  RMB 35/10ml

The product is infused with natural Jeju citrus oil, which can effectively protect the nails and make the brilliant color of the nail polish more colorful.

L'Oreal seven-in-one multi-effect armor oil RMB 60/5 ml

The product uses gel technology, which is convenient and easy to use. Nail polish glides easily, covers the entire nail, smooth and even, protects the nails, and increases the durability of the color effect of the nail polish.

Chanel Nail Protective Primer

The contained color factor activates the nails and has an anti-yellowing effect, which can make the effect of nail care more lasting. Enriched with camellia oil, it makes nails look smoother and brighter.

Guerlain Sweetheart Queen Nail Primer  RMB 200/10ml

After use, it can freely form a soft and elastic protective layer, making the nails more perfect. The product draws on the principle that ink rosin makes the color more durable during printing, which makes the product's effect more prominent.

Sephora Electric Nail  Polisher RMB 149

This electric nail polisher is equipped with three different types of grinding heads for filing, grinding, and polishing. Just select the desired grinding head in turn, push the switch, and you can create the shape you want.

Sephora three-sided polishing cotton  RMB 79

Using ergonomics, the black side is used to shape the perfect nail, the pink side is used to polish the nail surface, and the orange side is used to make the nail surface more shiny.

Innisfree multi-purpose four-sided grinding block  RMB 20

The four-sided nail polisher helps create glossy and beautiful nails, trimming the edges of the nails, smoothing, smoothing and polishing the surface of the nails, and creating a beautiful nail shape even without nail polish.

Health Armor Tips:

1. Avoid direct contact with soap, organic solvents, etc. with hands. If contact is necessary, wear protective gloves as much as possible.

2. When applying hand cream, remember to also apply it to the nails and the skin around the nails, and then massage gently in circular motions to avoid irritating barb growth.

3. Minimize the use of nails as tools, such as opening a can and other actions that are easy to damage or even break the nails, and avoid hitting the keyboard with force on the nails.

4. If your nails break easily, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin H. These foods can enhance the hardness of the nails, such as milk, and foods rich in iron and protein can also help the nails grow better.

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