Nail care is not asking for help! Recommended tools for DIY nail art

2022-06-20 11:13

A must-have tool for your DIY nail art wise choice! You can choose this way.

Nail file is a nail file that perfectly fits the curvature of the nail. The emery board contains 5 pieces/Shiseido

Finger edge softener: a softener that is not afraid of stubborn skin and horny skin. KOBAKO cuticle remover/shell seal

Peeling Pen: It can easily remove the dandruff with just a few strokes. DUCATO cuticle scraper/Chantilly

Base & Top Oil Dual Care Oil: Both base oil and top oil can be used, which is super convenient.

elegance cruise base & top coat/Elégance Cosmetics

A nail polish, very suitable for baby red in summer. nail color EX EX-36/RMK Division

A feminine and charming fingertip in hand is easy to have! You can also choose that.

Finger edge care pen: Ganpi treatment and moisturizing in one stroke. zakuro nail cuticle care pen/WELEDA JAPAN

Matte Top Coat: Layer over nail polish for a matte finish. matte top coat/Paul & Joe Beauty

Nail Art Patches: Nail patches with gemstone embellishments and simple decorations. Nailist nail art seal No.15/KOJI Honpo

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