Uses this trick to turn cute and reduce age

2022-07-29 17:35

Sometimes make-up is accidentally put on heavy hands, it looks like an instant from a harmless soft girl to a vicious stepmother, and the peach color blush can quickly restore your cuteness. In fact, the baby's eye makeup and eyebrow makeup have never lacked edges and corners, but the overall makeup effect can still be sweet and lovely, largely due to the peach blossom blush buffer. And the peach color blush and the hair color and lip color are all versatile, and the price/performance ratio should not be too high.

Nazha, who usually appeared in the picture, also chose the same peach color blush. In fact, if you want to make the blush to play the best role, it is not to wipe it like salting ham without money, but to focus on creating the looming effect of the blush, so that the blush has a natural blushing feeling, so that the skin color is only The most glamorous, with a slightly darker lip makeup of the same color is also too beautiful, learning this makeup face of Nazha may really make you a fairy.

Pui Ling Fei California Sunshine Loose Powder (Sunshine Powder)

Pui Lingfei's new Gali "Pink" Niya Gold pink blush, the light that shakes from the sun, and you with your own light! Bright pink and sparkling gold blend together, putting the warm sun of California on the body.

A faint peach color on the apple muscle can instantly make the skin invincible white and bright. Different from simply whitening with foundation, borrowing peach blossom blush can bring out the natural radiance of the skin, and at the same time, it will also have a healthy rosy feeling. You can also use the water-filled red-tone lip glaze with peach blush like Nazha, together with simple earth color eye makeup, and you can easily create a delicate makeup.

Givenchy Starry Sky Limited Eyeshadow Palette

Smooth to the touch, light makeup, creating a dreamlike deep eye makeup

There are still many details that need to be paid attention to if you want get Nazha and the same AB blush effect. The first is the color matching. Remember to modify your face while using blush to improve your complexion. Therefore, you should always keep two blushes. The pink orange blend is used to make blush, and the nude brown blend can be used as a trim. Sweep the contour first and then use the blush to soften the contour edges, you can bring out the natural shadow and blush.

Barbie Bolang Bright and Bright Color Plate Elegant Cranberry

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