Net celebrity Guo Tai's 15 favorite makeup items for Fang Yuan

2023-01-09 06:01

In 2014, Fang Yuancai, who filmed and promoted KV for the brand, was really an aesthetic net red at that time, with a strong Japanese style, straight eyebrows, lower eyelashes and crowded blushes, which could definitely attract a lot of fans at that time, but such a The makeup looks somewhat flat like a "print version", without showing the three-dimensional delicacy of the facial features.

Since "slow down", Fang Yuan's temperament has begun to change greatly. Although she is still an internet celebrity, the overall style of painting has a different feeling. The first step to say goodbye to straight eyebrows is the first choice for promotion, and the thick curved eyebrows are for her to see. When she got up, her brows and eyes became tougher, her high nose bridge was no longer white in the photo, her nose made with highlights and shadows was straight and straight, and her pouting lips made people want to kiss.

Fang Yuan, whose makeup has continued to climb to the top, has not forgotten the role of Internet celebrity opinion leaders. She is generous in sharing her makeup items with netizens, and she does not hesitate to post all her favorite blushes to meet with everyone.

Bobbi Brown Star Yarn Color Plate Rose Series

Bobbie Brown's silty is so delicate that the color of this rose series is even more beautiful. After brushing with a large loose brush, sweep it on the cheeks, and the face will be naturally translucent and very complex. The Xingsha Yan Color Palette can be used as blush, eye shadow and body powder, and it can be used for multiple purposes.

Bobbi Brown Young Rouge No. 43

The powder is very solid, and it feels like a blush can be used for a long time. Shade 43 is very everyday and can be used whether it is daily makeup or commuting to work. There is a slight luster on the face, and the coloring power is super, so pay attention to the weight of the hands, a little bit can make the complexion become very good!

Chanel Blush 2016 Fall Limited Edition No. 320

The dark red blush looks inconspicuous, but I found it so amazing after trying it! After the face is applied, the color is easy to sweep evenly, and it is very autumn and winter when rubbed lightly.

Jill Stuart Neon Love Color Palette 03 Free Smile

The packaging of the girl's heart is very convincing, and it also comes with a small brush, so there is no reason not to buy it. The silt is also invincible and delicate, and it will not get stuck at all. In addition to the usual pink and tender colors of the Japanese system, the four colors are also very suitable for yellow people. Whether it is a mixed brush or a single brush, they are super beautiful.

Dior two-tone blush

The two-tone color includes two shades of pink and two textures of pearlescent matt. The matt brightens the skin tone and the pearlescent modifies the outline. It is a very practical match. The coloring is easy but not too exaggerated, it is natural and has a feeling of color, and the monochromatic mixing is great.

Jill Stuart Magic Duo Blush Powder No. 03

Unlike ordinary blushes, the design of the blush powder feels finer, and the color of the two-color mixture is very good. After dipping it with a brush, it is very natural and easy to carry for touch-up.

Laduli mini petal blush 16 years limited

Unlike the big petal blush, which has a petal-by-petal design, the mini model is a layer-by-layer design of petals, which is simply beautiful. It smells so good, you can smell it all day long. But the powder taking power generally needs to be dipped with a brush for many times before coloring, so don't worry about applying too much on the face. The color is light pink, very girly.

Laduli Noble Petal Repair Powder No. 02

No one would argue that Laduli is responsible for the beauty of the dresser, but she has to win it for her appearance! But it's also very real inside. No. 2 color is a versatile color, with a little pearly sheen, and the luster is beautiful after applying it on the face. The powder is super fine, the color is natural, you won't worry about the monkey buttocks after brushing, and it is not easy to take off the makeup, and the staying power is first-class.

In addition to the blush that made Fang Yuanmei explode in place, those who often take selfies must be blessed with foundation makeup. A box of CPB also makes many fans shout "proud". People who have been there will find it worth the money. It seems that Fang Yuan is really in love with the outstanding makeup effect CPB brings to her.

Skin Key Radiance Powder

The powder is soft and glutinous, delicate and natural. Needless to say, brush the face with the attached brush, evenly and thinly, it is a soft mist that can be seen. It blends well with the skin tone and controls oil well.

Skin Key Brightening Softening Powder

Just looking at the face value is addictive, the upper face is also quite amazing, the luster is delicate, the brushing on the apple skin is sparkling, the brightening effect is very obvious, and the fusion effect with the base makeup is also great.

The key to skin radiant makeup primer SPF34 PA++

With a certain sunscreen value, the skin brightening and moisturizing effects on the face are average, but the moisturizing degree and the effect of filling pores are good, and the combination of the cpb powder cream will have better makeup retention.

Skin key eyeliner cream

Cpb's unique gray-blue eyeliner, dark gray with fine powder, very low-key luster, the paste is very smooth and with the attached small brush, it is easy to form in one stroke, and it is really not smudged, go out and play for a whole The sky will not faint into panda eyes.

Skin Key Brightening Cream SPF20PA++

It has a very creamy texture on the face, strong ductility, and it can be easily pushed away. Adhering to the style of cpb, the more oily the more beautiful, the makeup will not be dull all day long, and it will still be white and clear at night, after adding loose powder Easy to hold even in summer.

Skin key radiant lip balm

The slender lipstick is very convenient to use to describe the lip shape. The texture is moisturizing and light on the lips, but the ability to color and cover lip lines is not bad at all. phenomenon occurs.

Skin key eyeliner pencil

One end of the eyeliner pen is designed with double ends for smudging and rubbing. It is perfect for correcting the eyeliner that is not smooth or smudged by the eyeliner. If you do a good job of eye primer, it will not be a problem to hold makeup all day.

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