No bangs ponytail tie method simple 4 steps to tie the temperament high ponytail

2022-06-23 11:54

No-bangs ponytail tie method 1: First leave the bangs part of the hair, tie them up with rubber bands for the rest of the hair, tie up a high ponytail, and control the height above the ears.

No bangs. Grab the remaining bangs, and then use a pointed tail comb to comb this part of the hair to create a fluffy feeling of bangs. After fluffing, use a hairpin to fix this part of the hair.

Horsetail bangsAfter removing the bangs from the high ponytail bundle of hair, it lowers the position of the ponytail rubber band, which comes with a rubber band to hide, and is then secured with a hairpin.That's it.

No bangs horsetail tie method 4: In order to make the hairstyle more consolidated, after the hair is tied, you can spray an appropriate amount of styling spray to help fix the hairstyle.

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