On Teeth Day every year, let Virgo teach you how to clean your mouth without dead ends

2022-09-12 06:01

Speaking of September, everyone will think of Xiami Day? School season? Teacher's Day? Or Virgo? Hehehe, in fact, there is a festival that is closely related to each of us, that is, the national holiday on September 20 every year. Love tooth day. In 2017, we will usher in the 29th Tooth Day. On this day, do you also want to ask the teeth gentlemen who have been with you for many years, how are they doing well?

Not only that, in the newly released 2017 National Healthy Lifestyle, the emergence of the core information of "Sanjian" also makes friends pay attention to the living conditions of their teeth again. Among them, "healthy oral cavity" is the first link in the "three health". It seems to pay attention to oral health, perform regular oral inspections, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth after meals, advocate the use of dental floss to clean the interdental space, and the habit of brushing from children. Clean your teeth regularly to keep your eyes healthy and so on. Therefore, if you want to have health and beauty, your teeth must also be strong.

The arrival of Love Tooth Day and the release of the information on healthy lifestyles for the whole people really remind us that behind the small teeth is a big oral health problem. For Virgo babies who are born in September, beauty and health must be "armed to the teeth"! How many tips do you know about cleaning the mouth without dead ends?

"Tooth Day" once again sounded the alarm for everyone. If a person does not clean his teeth for a long time, it will cause all kinds of dental problems. Illness is imported from the mouth!! Dear friends, don’t hurry to be careful!

Although the teeth are one of the parts we use the most every day, it is true that many of our friends are not too concerned about their love. Inadequate brushing cannot effectively remove dental plaque and can easily lead to dental caries; long-term red and swollen gums are likely to cause periodontal disease; even if the tongue coating is not cleaned regularly, peptic ulcers due to bacterial residues may occur in severe cases. Or chronic gastritis.

So if you don't know or don't know, if you are surprised, no matter how tenacious teeth are not protected, they will become extremely fragile.

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