Out of stock king | 8 body care essential oils let you say goodbye to body cold

2022-03-30 13:37

Oriental medicine believes that body cold is mainly caused by poor meridians, and the easiest and quickest way to relieve it is to perform meridian massage at home with body care essential oils suitable for you - if you want to promote blood circulation, you can choose juniper or rosemary Fragrance ingredients; for hormonal balance, use geranium oil; for stress relief or sleep, lavender oil is a good choice.

If you have the habit of going out for a spa, you might as well bring the bottle of essential oil that suits you, and let the physical therapist use it instead of the general care oil, which will have a better effect on your body care. In this issue, Out of Stock King will recommend 8 body oils that are easy to use, smell good and have different effects. Come and give yourself deep nourishment.

Aesop Geranium Body Oil

Aesop's highly concentrated moisturizing oil is infused with antioxidant vitamin E, along with sweet apricot and macadamia essential oils to help soften skin; geranium, Chinese mandarin peel and bergamot for a refreshing fragrance. You can use it for a body massage after cleansing in the evening, and intensify treatment on dry areas like elbows and feet. If you want to enhance the moisturizing effect, you can also add three or five drops of essential oil to the body lotion and use it together.

BULY 1803 Fragrance Body Oil

Ideal for dry skin, BULY 1803 is a scented body oil inspired by ancient Greek medicinal beauty wisdom, plant-infused oils. Formulated with grain essential oils and rich in vitamins, it instantly soothes dryness and revives radiant skin. The unique "Scottish Lichen" scent combines the freshness of moss and white rosin, which is especially suitable for use at night, helping you to relax and soothe the nerves and sweep away the stress of work and the clutter of the city.

Canvas Energy Complex Body Oil

This body care oil from Canvas is an organic product. It uses cinnamon, tea tree, peppermint oil and other ingredients to promote blood circulation, make people concentrate, and reduce sleepiness; with spruce, fir and pine aromatherapy oils, it can soothe joints, rheumatism, etc. Pain relief; more macadamia nuts, jojoba, sweet almond oil, etc. add luster and elasticity to the skin. Take an appropriate amount and warm it in the palm of your hand, then gently massage the whole body to relax the nerves and muscles while moisturizing the skin.

Rahua Amazon Body Oil

Rahua's hair products are world-renowned, and so is her body care line. This ultra-concentrated Amazonian body oil uses all-natural ingredients to leave skin strong, healthy, and radiant. Formulated with Omega-3 fatty acid-rich Sacha Inchi Oil and Amazonian Britti Oil to rejuvenate, tone and brighten the complexion, it can be used every day for a fair, smooth, and full of elasticity. skin. The packaging adopts a unique nozzle design, which can be sprayed and massaged all over the body, and the freshness of rainforest plants will make you feel more relaxed and happy.

Rodin Lavender Body Oil

New York-based stylist Linda Rodin draws on her experience in the fashion and beauty worlds to create an addictive collection of essential oils: jasmine, sweet almond, jojoba, lavender, and more that will leave your skin feeling refreshed with every use All have a natural glow. Suitable for all skin types, this lavender oil penetrates instantly without feeling sticky. The formula is rich in soothing pure French lavender essence and Bulgarian lavender essential oil. It is also mixed with rosehip, orange blossom and evening primrose to promote collagen regeneration, drive away fatigue and add a lot of water. (Keep out of direct sunlight when placing it at ordinary times)

Senteurs d'Orient Oasis Garden Body Oil

Senteurs d'Orient is a premium soap brand created by mother-daughter Hana and Sarah, who advocate cleansing the mind through the bath. Perfect for everyday relaxation, this Oasis Treatment Oil's silky-soft formula is packed with botanical extracts to hydrate and restore skin. Even better, it can be used on a wet face, body and even the ends of your hair to hydrate every inch of your body. The delightful aroma of thyme, jasmine and orange blossom makes for a luxurious spa-like experience without leaving your home.

Susanne Kaufmann Antioxidant Essential Oil

Susanne Kaufmann uses skincare ingredients sourced from the Bregenz Forest in Austria in search of Alpine plants and healing herbs. Formulated by a pharmacologist and a dermatopathologist, this antioxidant essential oil blends natural extracts and organic ingredients to soften and moisturize the skin while providing anti-aging, anti-oxidant properties. You can take a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub the palm of your hand, and apply to the skin that is not dry after cleansing.

This Works Deep Sleep Body Oil

This Deep Sleeping Body Oil from This Works is infused with skin-soothing Provencal Lavender and calming Matricaria extract for complete relaxation after a busy day. It's non-sticky formula with anti-oxidant grapeseed oil is easy to absorb and long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin soft and supple when massaged after the shower. Use it with the pillow spray popular with stressed urbanites to further enhance your rest.

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